Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Eden AI?

Eden AI includes the best AI engines in one API. It includes a unique API connected to the best AI engines (vision, text, speech, machine learning, etc.) and managed by a powerful platform which allows users to monitor the costs, the access and easily test and compare AI engines. Here's a demo of the platform:

How to use Eden AI?

If you are interested in using our platform, don't hesitate to request a demo. We will discuss with you the use you can make of it. We will then give you access to test it: You can also start using directly the platform: Depending on the offer you choose, we can manage the hosting (on Amazon Web Services servers) or deploy the solution on the server of your choice (including on premise).

Do I need to have AI providers account to use their technologies?

We are distributors of the solutions offered by the providers included in the platform. You don't need to have already subscribed to accounts with them. However, you have the possibility to put your own API keys to use the accounts you have.

Can I access to open source engines with Eden AI?

In addition to proprietary solutions, we include open source models to allow you to compare performance and guide you in your choice. The platform also provides deployment of these open source models that you can use directly as APIs. Future versions of the platform will allow you to deploy your own models.

Which providers engines are available for the different technologies?

For all technologies, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure engines are available. But many other specialized providers are also available depending on the technology. Don't hesitate to suggest new AI engines here: contact[at]

Can I manage all my AI project with the platform, without using providers platform?

With Eden AI, you can create AI projects, generate keys, manage costs, delete projects, manage datasets. Many other functionalities are available. You can manage your AI projects from differents providers using only the AI Management Platform.

How is the platform hosted?

The hosting depends on the offer you choose: - "Community": we manage the hosting (on Amazon Web Services servers)
- "Enterprise": The platform is hosted on the server of your choice (including on premise)

I am an AI engine provider, how can I add it to the platform?

We are continuously integrating new AI engines. If you ever want to integrate your engine to one of our categories, please contact us. You can also contact us if you ever want to propose a new AI category: contact[at] For your information, the integration of an engine is free but we charge providers a commission on the revenues generated by the platform.