Discover our AI technologies

Our platform covers a wide range of AI technologies that we group into 6 complementary categories: 

Vision - image segmentation - image recognition - video analysis - AI-Compare - Face detection - Face recognition - AI Management Platform - Artificial Intelligence - Data Science - Machine Learning


Custom vision, object detection, video analysis, face recognition, explicit content detection, etc.

OCR - Optical Character Recognition - Handwritten - Table


Standard OCR, invoice OCR, ID card OCR, tables OCR, receipt OCR, etc.

Text Mining - Natural Language Processing - NLP - Keyword extraction - Named Entity Recognition - Syntax analysis - Language detection - Summarization

Text & NLP

Custom text classification, keyword extraction, sentiment anaysis, language detection, syntax analysis, etc.

Machine Translation - Language detection

Machine Translation

Standard machine translation, custom machine translation.

Speech - Audio - speech-to-text - text-to-speech - speech diarization - sentiment analysis

Speech & Audio

Speech-to-text, speech recognition, language detection, speech diarization, text-to-speech, etc.

Prediction - Machine Learning - Deep Learning - Regression - Classification - Clustering - Time series - Supervised - Unsupervised - Structured - Data Science - Artificial Intelligence


Regression, classification, clustering, time series, deep learning.

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