Computer Vision and Healthcare

Computer Vision and Healthcare


Computer vision is the field of computer science that aims to replicate some of the complexity of the human vision system and enable computers to identify and process objects in images and videos in the same way as humans.


Computer vision can efficiently support any medical task that needs a trained eye to discern and classify a health problem. This AI-backed technology uses advanced algorithms to assist image processing and reads it in real time, identifying specific signs of illness. The proper use of computer vision in medicine will help reduce the time spent on unnecessary diagnostic procedures and provide the healthcare professional with the means to make more accurate diagnoses and order more effective treatments. To date, computer vision has advanced to the point where it can cover a broad range of tasks and help people perform quite a number of medical activities. In turn, these developments have brought about a variety of advantages that an ever-growing number of specialists can gain and enjoy. The main uses of computer vision in medical filed are: early disease recognition, enhanced medical procedures efficiency, automatic generation of medical reports, Interactive medical imaging.

Eden AI

This use case can be handled with different engines offered by different providers on the market. To help companies discover and test these different engines, we have developed Eden AI, which provides a single, simple access to all these engines:

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