Computer Vision and Safety

Computer Vision and Safety


Computer vision is the field of computer science that aims to replicate some of the complexity of the human vision system and enable computers to identify and process objects in images and videos in the same way as humans.


As cameras and sensors proliferate, computer vision provides insights into public spaces and workplaces, airports and industrial sites, so that security and safety officers can make sense of a flood of images and data from both remote and high-traffic areas. Face recognition is often used for facial authentification, and identify people. Computer vision is also used for public safety (social distancing, mask, etc.) and worker compliance (ensure that workers are wearing protective clothing). FInally, computer vision allows vehicle identification and license plate recording.

Eden AI

This use case can be handled with different engines offered by different providers on the market. To help companies discover and test these different engines, we have developed Eden AI, which provides a single, simple access to all these engines:

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