Speech-to-Text, identification and verification

Speech-to-Text, identification and verification


Speech-to-text engines (also referred to as voice/speech recognition software) transcribes audio files into text, usually in a word processor to enable editing and search. It’s the same technology that drives the tech space’s voice-enabled assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant in the background.

Identification and verification

Speech recognition software can be used for completing an identification and verification (I&V) process, with the customer speaking their details such as account number, date of birth and address.

With this capability, advisors don’t have to ask customers for these details themselves, so it reduces call length and therefore operational costs.

From this example, we can see how speech recognition allows more of your simple processes and transactions to be automated. This saves the customer time spent queuing and leaves your advisors free to concentrate on the more complex tasks where they deliver the most value.

Eden AI

This use case can be handled with different engines offered by different providers on the market. To help companies discover and test these different engines, we have developed Eden AI, which provides a single, simple access to all these engines:

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