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TranslaThor is an Eden AI product that simplifies the selection of translation providers based on source and target languages, offering a powerful solution for multilingual communication.

Developers often find themselves tasked with creating websites that possess the capability to translate text into various languages. Eden AI's Automatic Translation offers a swift means to translate text into another language, providing a user-friendly interface for dynamic translation across supported languages.

However, this universal translator allows you to add your language preferences, and translate any text depending on your provided language pair. The user fills a set of language preferences, and then, using a unique endpoint, requests can be made and handled depending on these latter preferences.

How it works

After successfully registering on Eden AI, take the following steps to get started with TranslaThor:

  • Users can add multiple language pairs, defining combinations of source and target languages. These language pairs determine the translation provider used for each specific translation. You can also set fallback providers in case of any issues.
  • With language preferences in place, you can start live testing. For example, if you've set Microsoft as the provider for translations from any source language to English, TranslaThor will automatically select Microsoft for the translation.
  • Once you've configured your language preferences and completed successful tests, you're ready to integrate TranslaThor into your applications. Simply copy and paste the provided code snippet from the Live Testing section, specifying the source and target languages, input text, and make your API request.

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