AI Chatbot with RAG

This product empowers users to build their own custom-trained AI chatbots using RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation). It enables integration with various data sources and AI models, including OpenAI, Cohere, Google Cloud, and others, to train the chatbots. With its user-friendly customization options and robust integration capabilities, our chatbot solution equips businesses to create tailored chatbot experiences that elevate customer engagement and operational efficiency.

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Key Features

Combine AI/LLMs

Our AI chatbot uses embeddings and RAG to provide users with contextually relevant answers from a knowledge base.

Versatile Integration

Eden AI's chatbot integrates across platforms and allows users to enhance performance by connecting their own vector databases.

Easy API Deployment

Users can easily deploy AI chatbots with streamlined processes, comprehensive API docs, and no-code integration on platforms.

Various Content Sources

This solution enables rapid custom chatbot creation from various content sources (text, URLs, PDFs, MP3s, and WAV files.)

Customizable Chatbots

Users can build custom AI chatbots tailored to their needs, with flexible configuration to personalize behaviors and profiles.

Rich Analytics & Insights

Our analytics tools let you monitor metrics, track engagement, and identify optimization opportunities for an enhanced chatbot.

Build your workflow from scratch

Prefer to do things your way? Craft your own custom workflow with ease, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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