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Community plan features

  • Universal AI APIs aggregation
  • Standardized inputs and outputs
  • Transparency on each AI API integration
  • Install it yourself
  • Add more connectors yourself


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Additionally to Community

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$300/month or $3000/year

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Additionally to Free

  • Up to 50 calls / sec
  • Build advanced AI models with your own dataset
  • AI Workflow builder
  • Best-fit AI API recommendation
  • Data labeling tool
  • Bring your own accounts
  • 15% Discount on Pay-Per-Use  prices
  • Company account (up to 10 users)
  • Email support


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Additionally to Growth

  • Large volume of data
  • Full deployment capabilities
  • Advanced Security and Access Management
  • Add your own AI models to our API
  • Large number of users
  • SSO support
  • Advanced SLA
  • Dedicated experts

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How is the platform hosted? Will my data be stored or used by Eden AI?

I'm an AI provider, how can I add my solution to the platform?

Diane. S Eden AI

Diane S.

VP of Engineering

"Eden AI allowed us to access high-performance AI engines from providers we didn't even know they existed. We now use multiple providers APIs with a single Eden AI contract"

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