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AskYoda, or "Ask Your Data," is a versatile product developed by Eden AI that empowers users to create customized AI chatbots. With the ability to train chatbots on your own data or business-specific information integrating with OpenAI, Cohere or Google Cloud, AskYoda provides a comprehensive solution for building AI-powered conversational agents.

The solution addresses limitations by facilitating data integration and training in multiple programming languages. It has broad applications across industries, making it a versatile tool to train the chatbot with your own data for businesses, students, content creators, and researchers.

How it works

After successfully registering on Eden AI, take the following steps to get started with AskYoda:

  1. Either start from scratch or choose to customize your project by selecting your database provider (e.g., qdrant), embedding provider (e.g., OpenAI, Google, or Cohere), and your preferred Large Language Model (LLM).
  2. Then, upload your data in various formats, such as text, URLs, PDFs, MP3s, or WAV files. PDFs will be automatically parsed through OCR, while audio files will undergo speech-to-text conversion.
  3. Enter your prompt and start asking questions based on your uploaded data. You can also choose different LLM models to interact with your data effectively. Utilize the provided API documentation and guidelines to integrate your AskYoda chatbot into your application and make API requests!

Add your chatbot to your website

The repository on GitHub contains the source code for using and displaying the Yoda Chatbot in a website, with branches for the unframed source code and the embed code.

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