Mix AI Models Workflow

Our Mix-and-Match AI Models workflow allows users to build the ideal AI mix by selecting the most suitable AI provider for each section of their document, leveraging the strengths of different AI models. It enables users to optimize document parsing across a wide array of document types such as invoices, resumes, IDs, and more. With its intuitive customization options and robust integration capabilities, our template empowers businesses to create tailored document processing workflows that enhance efficiency and accuracy.

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Key Features

AI Model Selection

This template lets users select the best AI model for each document section, optimizing accuracy and efficiency.

Versatile Doc Support

Designed to accommodate a wide range of document types, including invoices, resumes, IDs, and more. 

Seamless Integration

Eden AI's AI Mix AI Models template integrates across platforms to enhance document processing with minimal code.

Efficient Customization

Users can configure Document Parsing  to fit their unique document structure and attributes. 

Ideal AI Provider Mix

The "mix and match" approach helps leveraging the strengths of different AI models for different parts of a document.

API Documentation

Benefit from detailed documentation ensuring easy integration of the AI Models Mix workflow into your app.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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