Best Financial Document APIs in 2024

Best Financial Document APIs in 2024

What are Financial Document APIs?

Financial Document APIs leverage advanced technologies, including natural language processing and machine learning models, to process and analyze financial documents. These APIs enable developers to extract valuable information, perform document categorization, and gain insights from financial texts, such as statements, invoices, receipts, and contracts.

These APIs streamline financial data processing, allowing developers to harness the power of machine learning without the need to build complex models from the ground up.

Financial Document API Use Cases

Financial Document APIs find applications across various industries, facilitating tasks like:

  1. Invoice Processing: Automate the extraction of data from invoices, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.
  2. Expense Management: Streamline the handling of expense receipts and categorize transactions for efficient financial management.
  3. Compliance and Audit: Ensure regulatory compliance by extracting relevant information from financial documents and supporting audit processes.
  4. Loan Approval: Automate the analysis of financial documents for quicker and more accurate loan approval processes.
  5. Financial Reporting: Generate insights by analyzing financial statements, enabling better decision-making for businesses.

Best Financial Document APIs on the Market

In the realm of Financial Document APIs, there are several noteworthy options that cater to diverse developer needs. Here are some top performers (in alphabetical order):

  • Affinda
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Base64
  • Dataleon
  • Google Cloud
  • Klippa
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Mindee
  • Tabscanner
  • Veryfi

1. Affinda - Available on Eden AI

Affinda's financial documents API simplifies the extraction of information from financial paperwork, such as numbers, dates, and text. It helps automate processes related to purchase orders, invoices, and payments in supply chain management. The API can be used by financial institutions to analyze financial documents for credit scoring and risk assessment, enabling them to make informed lending decisions.

2. Amazon AWS - Available on Eden AI

AWS for financial document OCR is capable of extracting text and data from financial documents like invoices, receipts, and forms. 

3. Base64 - Available on Eden AI

Base64 is a method for encoding binary data into an ASCII string format. While it is not directly related to financial document technology, it can be used for encoding and decoding sensitive financial data for secure transmission and storage.

4. Dataleon - Available on Eden AI

Dataleon's Finance API offers an advanced OCR solution that can automate and streamline the analysis of over 10 types of financial documents, ensuring rapid and accurate classification for a more efficient audit process. This API can be used to extract and process data from various financial documents, which is beneficial for tasks such as KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures and customer financial audits.

5. Google Cloud - Available on Eden AI

Google provides various APIs that can be used for financial document technology, such as the Google Cloud Document AI API, which offers capabilities for analyzing and extracting information from documents.

6. Klippa - Available on Eden AI

Klippa offers OCR technology for financial documents, including balance sheets and bank statements. Klippa's OCR with Eden AI will allows you to extract data from various financial documents, convert them to readable text, and turn the text into structured data using machine learning. Klippa's OCR aims to enhance the effectiveness of organizations, reduce costs, prevent fraud, and improve compliance.

7. Microsoft Azure - Available on Eden AI

Microsoft offers the Azure Form Recognizer API, which can be used for extracting key-value pairs and tables from financial documents such as invoices, receipts, and purchase orders.

8. Mindee - Available on Eden AI

Mindee provides an API for extracting data from receipts, invoices, and other financial documents. It offers capabilities for processing and extracting information such as line items, totals, dates, and vendor details.

9. Tabscanner - Available on Eden AI

Tabscanner offers an API for receipt scanning and data extraction. It can be used to extract data from receipts, invoices, and other financial documents, enabling automation of expense management and accounting processes.

10. Veryfi - Available on Eden AI

Veryfi provides an API for automating data extraction from various financial documents, including receipts, invoices, and bills. It offers capabilities for extracting line items, totals, taxes, and other relevant information from the documents.

Performance Considerations for Financial Document APIs

The effectiveness of Financial Document APIs can be influenced by factors such as:

  • Accuracy: The precision with which APIs extract and interpret financial information is crucial for reliable results.
  • Language Support: The ability of an API to handle diverse languages is essential, especially for businesses with a global presence.
  • Scalability: APIs should scale efficiently to accommodate varying document volumes without compromising performance.
  • Security: Given the sensitive nature of financial data, robust security measures are paramount to protect against unauthorized access.

Why Choose Eden AI for Managing Financial Document APIs

Eden AI serves as a comprehensive platform for managing various AI APIs, including Financial Document APIs. Here's why Eden AI stands out:

  • Fallback Provider Support: Eden AI allows users to set up a fallback provider, ensuring continuity in case the primary API faces performance issues.
  • Performance Optimization: Users can optimize API performance based on specific criteria, ensuring the selection of the best-performing Financial Document API for their needs.
  • Cost-Performance Ratio Optimization: Eden AI enables users to choose the most cost-effective Financial Document API that aligns with their performance requirements.
  • Unified API Access: Eden AI provides a standardized and simple interface for accessing multiple Financial Document APIs, streamlining integration.
  • Data Protection: Eden AI prioritizes data protection, offering the option to filter and use only GDPR-compliant engines for enhanced privacy.

How Eden AI Can Assist You

Eden AI simplifies the integration of Financial Document APIs into your applications. The Eden AI team can support your project by:

  • Product Demos and Needs Assessment: Schedule a product demo and discuss your requirements to tailor solutions to your specific needs.
  • Free Testing: Explore the public version of Eden AI for free testing, though some providers may be exclusive to the Enterprise version.
  • Expert Support: Leverage the expertise of the Eden AI team for guidance on selecting the optimal combination of Financial Document APIs.
  • Third-Party Platform Integration: Benefit from the rapid development of connectors to integrate Eden AI seamlessly into third-party platforms.

Next Steps in Your Financial Document API Integration Project

Take the next steps in your Financial Document API integration project with Eden AI:

  1. Organize a Product Demo: Schedule a product demo and discuss your specific needs by booking a time slot here.
  2. Free Testing: Explore the public version of Eden AI for free testing. Note that some providers are available exclusively on the Enterprise version.
  3. Expert Support: Receive support and advice from our team of experts to find the optimal combination of providers for your unique requirements.
  4. Third-Party Platform Integration: Explore the possibility of integrating Eden AI on a third-party platform, with the development of connectors for quick and seamless integration.

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