Choose the best AI model for each document section to optimize parsing.


X-Merge is designed to accommodate a wide range of document types, including invoices, resumes, IDs, and more. By specifying the document type at the project initiation stage, users can create a combination configuration that aligns with the unique attributes and structures of their documents.

X-Merge empowers users to build the ideal AI mix by selecting the most suitable AI provider for each section of their document. This customization is a pivotal feature that allows users to leverage the strengths of different AI models, optimizing both accuracy and efficiency based on the specific requirements of each document type.

How it works

  1. Set Your Project: Initiate your X-Merge project by specifying the document type you want to process, whether it's an invoice, resume, ID, or any other document.
  2. Build the Ideal AI Mix: Customize your workflow by selecting the most suitable AI provider for each section of your document. Optimize accuracy and efficiency by leveraging the strengths of different AI models!
  3. Evaluate how well the chosen AI mix performs in parsing the document, ensuring that it meets your accuracy requirements. Adjust configurations as needed to achieve optimal results.

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