Empower your Bubble with Eden AI plugins


With the integration of Eden AI on Bubble, Bubble users can upgrade their projects and create complex web applications quickly and easily without needing any code. However, as your projects grow, you may start to face challenges that require advanced functionalities.

Overall, Eden AI's Bubble plugins provide the flexibility to integrate artificial intelligence APIs in your products, Eden AI offers unmatched versatility and scalability for businesses of all sizes and allow the access to OpenAI, Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, AssemblyAI and many other AI providers.

How it works

Create a Bubble account and then go use our Bubble integration to build powerful apps. With Eden AI, you can:

  • Extract data from images (objects, faces, explicit content), text (sentiment, entities, keywords, etc), audio, documents (invoice, receipt, resume, IDs, etc.)
  • Generate image, text and audio

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