Empower your Zapier project with Eden AI integration


With the integration of Zapier, users can easily connect Eden AI with thousands of other applications and services, creating powerful automations that can save time and enhance productivity with no-code.
By integrating with Zapier, Eden AI can be synced with a variety of popular business tools, including Slack, Gmail, Discord,, Whatsapp, Airtable, Google Drive, Outlook, etc.. This integration enables users to create custom workflows that perform AI tasks automatically based on specific triggers, such as receiving an email or completing a form submission.

Overall, Eden AI's Zapier integration provides the flexibility to connect artificial intelligence APIs with thousands of other applications and services, Eden AI offers unmatched versatility and scalability for businesses of all sizes and allow the access to OpenAI, Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, AssemblyAI and many other AI providers.

How it works

Create a Zapier account and then go use our Zapier integration to build workflows. With Eden AI, you can set up automations to:

  • Extract data from images (objects, faces, explicit content), text (sentiment, entities, keywords, etc), audio, documents (invoice, receipt, resume, IDs, etc.)
  • Generate image, text and audio

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Available Templates

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