Mindee OCR engine is available on Eden AI
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Mindee OCR engine is available on Eden AI

We are pleased to announce that Mindee's API for invoices has been integrated into Eden AI platform and API. Mindee offers other APIs that may eventually be integrated into the platform in the future.

Mindee is a robust OCR software and an API platform that combines computer vision and machine learning to recognize critical information. With their API, developers have access to their own document parsing API, allowing any type of organization to rapidly and efficiently answer all document-based use cases.

Mindee assists software product teams in developing document processing automation capabilities that are lightning fast, accurate, and resilient. The platform can be used in cost management, accounts payable automation, procurement, accounting, insurance, user and employee onboarding, loan applications, underwriting, etc. Their goal is to provide customers with real-time, human-level accuracy in data extraction from paper and digital documents.

We had the chance to talk with Frédéric Harper, Mindee's Director of Developer Relations, who agreed to answer some of our questions:

Can you introduce Mindee?

"Mindee is the company behind the product of the same name. It was founded in 2018 by four passionate people who wanted to solve data extraction problems. Under the premise that data isn’t data until you can take actions or use it for decision making processes, Mindee was born.

Mindee, the product, is a powerful OCR software and an API-first platform that helps developers automate applications' workflows by standardising the document processing layer through data recognition for key information using computer vision and machine learning. In addition to easily detecting and extracting information using pre-trained data models for common documents (e.g., invoices, receipts, passports...), developers can easily build their own documents parsing API, thereby enabling any type of business to solve all document-based use cases quickly.

We also provide different open source toolings like our Mindee Python, and Node.js SDK. We built non-Mindee specific Computer Vision libraries for React.js & Vue.js developers out there. Lastly, but surely not the least, we created a seamless, high-performing & accessible library for OCR-related tasks powered by Deep Learning named docTR."

Who are your customers?

"From brick and mortar stores to the latest tech unicorn, mostly every company needs some kind of data extraction. Whether it is for getting the information on receipts for expenses reports, managing electronic invoices within their finance system or even easily recognizing car licence plates to ensure the parking was duly paid, it’s possible to use Mindee to do that. Therefore, anyone can become a customer, but as a company, our sales efforts are directed toward enterprises offering solutions that encompass data extraction, like expenses reports management SaaS or ERP (Enterprise resource planning). We can count renowned companies like Spendesk, PayFit, Qonto and Lucca among our customers."

Why did you decide to be integrated in Eden AI?

"There are a lot of great products out there, and many understand the power of giving developers an API for making it easier to integrate in our own softwares. The truth is that it means you have to learn multiple APIs by reading the documentations, creating different accounts, managing permissions, and trying to code your way to the end result you are looking for. Eden AI aggregates multiple solutions together so developers can use one API, with anything that you need to usually create or configure, to access multiple services easily. We, at Mindee, are helping developers by making it easy to do data extraction: Eden AI seems like a perfect fit as they are also all about making developer’s lives easier!"

This performant OCR engine can be directly used on Eden AI. It provides very good performance and recognizes invoices from many languages.

To use Mindee on Eden AI, you just need to access either the platform or the API:

Using Mindee with Eden AI platform

Using Mindee with Eden AI python SDK

Don’t hesitate to check it out on the platform or with the API.

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