Rev AI Speech-to-Text engine is available on Eden AI
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Rev AI Speech-to-Text engine is available on Eden AI

We are pleased to announce that Rev AI has been integrated into Eden AI platform and API.

Rev AI is a leading speech-to-text company that uses more than 50,000 hours of human-transcribed content to train their speech engine, which covers a wide range of topics, industries, and accents. This API gives you access to one of the most accurate speech recognition software available on the market.

Rev AI was constructed from millions of hours of accurate human-transcribed content by speech recognition experts. Started in 2011, the company is now one of the largest transcription vendors. Their goal is to keep making audio and video content searchable and accessible for businesses.

This performant speech-to-text and recognition engine can be used directly on Eden AI. It provides very good performance and recognizes text from many languages.

We had the chance to talk with Joel Susal, Director of Product, Platform and AI at Rev AI, who agreed to answer some of our questions:

Can you introduce Rev AI? When was Rev AI created? What Rev AI provides to customers (APIs, Saas, languages, open source, etc.)? What's your recent news?

"Rev AI is Rev’s SaaS platform for powering the world’s most powerful voice applications.  Built by world class speech technologists and fed by 12 years of high quality and exclusive data from Rev’s leading transcription & captioning marketplace, Rev AI’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine is the most accurate in the industry by a considerable margin.  Beyond ASR, Rev AI also offers full flexibility to choose from AI- or human- powered transcripts and captions, enables both streaming and asynchronous use cases, supports 36 languages, and includes NLP features such as Language Identification, Topic Extraction, and Sentiment Analysis.

Rev AI doesn’t just claim to have the most accurate ASR – we back it up by making it easy to benchmark Rev AI against other providers so our customers can see for themselves.  We are happy to perform benchmarking as part of our sales process and we’ve even made key tools, like fstalign, available to the community so benchmarks can be performed and corroborated independently.  

Rev AI turns our customers’ video and audio into valuable business assets, enabling them to search, caption, and analyze for anything from compliance risk mitigation to operational optimization."

Recent News

  • At Rev AI, we believe we have the most accurate speech recognition service on the market. And now we have set the bar even higher with the launch of our v2 ASR model, which offers an over 30% increase in accuracy when compared to our v1 model.
  • Rev AI best in class ASR supports 36 global languages.
  • Rev AI ASR is HIPAA compliant and has all of the appropriate safeguards in place to protect the security and confidentiality of Protected Health Information (PHI) data.
  • Rev AI offers insights features such as Topic Extraction, Sentiment Analysis and Language Identification.
  • Rev AI is GDPR compliant and has multiple region data hosting (US and EU) to maintain data privacy and security regulation integrity.

Who are your customers? For which areas are Rev AI services intended?

"Rev AI is used by customers who care about transcription quality – from a broad set of industries and use cases like business intelligence, market and user research, meeting transcription, and real-time captioning.

Rev AI is built for scale and has always taken an API-first approach to market, making it easy to try, use, implement, and scale applications."

Why did you decide to be integrated in Eden AI?

"We see great alignment between our voice applications on Rev AI, and the audience Eden AI caters to, namely developers. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our technology in a way that makes discovery and adoption easy while also allowing developers to see for themselves how Rev AI stacks against other providers.  We love a good bake-off and we think Eden AI’s customers do too!This performant Speech-to-Text engine can be directly used on Eden AI."

This performant Speech-to-Text engine can be directly used on Eden AI.

To use Rev AI on Eden AI, you just need to access either the platform or the API:

Using Rev AI with Eden AI platform

# pip install edenai

from edenai import Audio

# Get your API key here:
audio_apis = Audio("Your_API_key")

result = audio_apis.speech_to_text(
# Available providers and languages here:


Don't hesitate to check it out on the platform or with the API.

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