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Eden AI features

AI-Compare - Artificial Intelligence

Multi-engine AI API 

Eden AI offers a unique API connected to dozens of proprietary or Open Source AI engines.It allows you to choose the best AI engine for your data and needs. It guarantees vendor independence and simplifies change at any time

AI Management Platform - Choice of AI engine

AI Comparator

The interface allows you to discover different AI engines from different vendors. You can also test and compare them using with your own data. It also simplifies the creation of custom models and their use

AI-Compare - AI engine costs

Cost management

The platform allows you to monitor the consumption of AI solutions from different vendors and to adapt its strategy according to the evolution of prices. It also allows to create billing and consumption alerts.

AI-Compare - Data governance - RGPD - GDPR

Governance & security

AI Management Platform provides limitations in terms of use (Identity and Access Management) and data governance limitations (server location, GDPR compliance, etc.).

Eden AI demo

AI Management Platform - Prototyping - Proof of concept - Build - Project - Test


Simplified discovery of AI vendors (including niche vendors) and time saving in account creation

Comprehensive comparison tool (visualization of AI prediction performance, speed of AI engines, costs, etc.)

Single API and doc: simplified implementation of AI engines from different vendors

AI Management Platform - Production - Use - Change


Ability to change AI engine at any time: Zero change cost

Implementation of a simple fallback solution in case of service unavailability and the possibility to combine the prediction of different AI engines into one more powerful one

Governance: cost tracking and optimization, access limitations and regulatory compliance (GDPR in Europe for example)

Eden AI benefits

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