Eden AI is the ideal product for developers who need to quickly and efficiently integrate an AI module into their software.

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Straightforward and well organized AI tasks

Eden AI organizes AI tasks in a very structured manner, dividing them into easily understandable categories even for non-experts in AI. You can easily identify and implement the appropriate AI API for each task.

Simple as can be: clear documentation and pricing

We provide clear documentation, ready-to-use code snippets, and transparent pricing for each AI technology. You can easily integrate AI into your projects. With transparent pricing, it is easy to understand the cost of using each AI technology and make informed decisions.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

No credit card required: free credits

Eden AI allows testing its API with free credit, making it easy to evaluate its capabilities and providers without a credit card or financial commitment. These credits are enough to concretely test the proposed AI APIs with their own data. The payment is then secure thanks to Stripe.

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