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What is Text Moderation?

Just like Image moderation, text moderation is the process of reviewing, filtering, or modifying user-generated content to ensure that it adheres to certain guidelines or policies, such as those related to hate speech, obscenity, misinformation, or privacy. Also called Explicit Content Detection, its goal is to keep online communities safe, respectful, and trustworthy. This can be done through manual review by human moderators or through the use of automated systems such as machine learning algorithms.

Many Text Moderation APIs

Text Moderation APIs are an expanding market that counts many providers offering those services, but their performance may vary from one provider to another depending on your content. They also have different costs and processing times: it is in your best interest to test a variation of them before choosing the right one.

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AI Text Moderation APIs
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One API to rule them all

By aggregating several Text Moderation providers on a single API, Eden AI allows you to use different NSFW identification engines at the same time depending on the type of content you wish to review.

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