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Eden AI integrations on Qibb
Eden AI integrations on Qibb


qibb is specialized in connecting applications for media production and distribution and allows users to create and maintain low-code workflows along the digital media supply chain. 

Their platform offers a flow editor and a catalog of nodes and flows for pre-integrated automations, allowing users to connect AI capabilities into their media workflows without coding.

qibb's integration with Eden AI API provides a user-friendly interface for easily integrating AI functionalities into applications.

How it works

  1. Sign in to your Eden AI account to get your API Key.
  2. Go to qibb Workflow Editor, open Node Catalog in the right sidebar, and install the Eden AI node
  3. Drag and drop the Eden AI node to your flow and enter your API Key under Advanced/Security. Select an operation and you can start using the integration!

Link to the plugin 🔗

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