Access game-changing solutions for AI-driven gamedev and gameplay wth Unity. 

Eden AI integrations on LangChain


As a key player in the gaming industry, Unity has significantly established itself as a global leader in providing a potent game development engine.

Unity offers various ways to integrate artificial intelligence, providing innovative solutions for game development and gameplay. The Unity Eden AI Plugin synchronizes seamlessly with the Eden AI API, making it easy to integrate AI features like text-to-speech conversion and chatbot interactions into your Unity applications.

How it works

Create a Unity account and then use our Unity integration to build engaging games with your Eden AI API key. With Eden AI, you can integrate different features into your game:

  • Integrate generative AI features like chatbot and voice generation feature (Text to Speech).
  • Use Eden AI's AI Chabot solution with RAG to build you Custom AI Chatbot, on your own data, powered by the AI model of your choice.

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