Connexun Sentiment Analysis engine is available on Eden AI
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Connexun Sentiment Analysis engine is available on Eden AI

We are pleased to announce that Connexun’s Sentiment Analysis and Text Summarization API has been integrated into Eden AI platform and API.

Connexun is a robust NLP software and an API that sources real time multilingual texts (headlines, articles & dynamic summaries) from tens of thousands of open web sources.

Connexun uses its proprietary artificial intelligence engine named B.I.R.B.A.L. Their technology includes machine learning classification, interlanguage clustering, news topics ranking, extraction-based summarization and many other features that help filter news for different uses. This news API serves its clients with proprietary text crawling and classifying technologies.

We had the chance to talk with Nikhil Aggarwal, founder of Connexun, who agreed to answer some of our questions:

Can you introduce Connexun? When was Connexun created? What Connexun provides to customers (APIs, Saas, languages, open source, etc.)? What's your recent news?

"Connexun  is an innovative tech startup based in Milano, Italy.  Connexun with its AI-powered News Intelligence engine supports clients with its NLP enriched and structured data via News and Text analysis APIs.

Its proprietary AI powered news engine B.I.R.B.AL. (Brilliant. Information. Research. BigData. ALgorithm),  has been trained by using a database with over a million articles in different languages. B.I.R.B.AL. covers all the spectrum of text mining, Natural Language Processing/Understanding/Generation and services. We use cutting edge technologies like the generative model GPT-2, and transformer-based machine learning techniques which provide contextual understanding of human languages, along with classical NLP approaches. B.I.R.B.AL.’s technology includes machine learning classification, interlanguage clustering, news topics ranking, categorization, summarization, sentiments, event detection, Named Entity Recognition (NER) and others."

Who are your customers? For which areas are Connexun services intended?

"Connexun  empowers organizations to transform the world’s news into real-time business insight; to identify and investigate risks and opportunities. The customer's product and data team leverage the multilingual News and Text analysis APIs for Media and Risk Intelligence. " 

Why did you decide to be integrated in Eden AI?

"Currently we have integrated Sentiment and Text Summarizer API at Eden AI .

Eden AI is simplifying the AI access to developers who do not wish to host large models for their development purpose. Providing AI as a Service (AIAAS) along with the ability to compare the metrics across the board amongst different providers, is novel and mutually beneficial to developers and providers."

This performant Sentiment Analysis engine can be directly used on Eden AI. It provides very good performance and recognizes text from many languages.

To use Connexun on Eden AI, you just need to access either the platform or the API:

Using Connexun with Eden AI platform

# pip install edenai

from edenai import Text

# Get your API key here:
text_apis = Text("Your_API_key")

result = text_apis.sentiment_analysis(
# Available providers and languages here:
    text="Your text",


Don’t hesitate to check it out on the platform or with the API.

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