Dataleon OCR Invoice engine is available on Eden AI
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Dataleon OCR Invoice engine is available on Eden AI

We are pleased to announce that Dataleon has been integrated into Eden AI platform and API.

Dataleon is a leading OCR AI startup. Dataleon provides one of the best Machine Learning tools for data automation and processing. Ready-to-use API for data recognition and extraction are available to accelerate your digital transformation powered by artificial intelligence.

The team seeks to innovate in order to provide a powerful and easy-to-use API platform, using Deep Learning and Computer Vision technologies. More than 40 companies around the world trust Dataleon, from a wide range of sectors such as finance/accounting, insurance, logistics, transport, telecommunications, real estate, but also the music industry, etc.

This performant OCR Invoice engine can now be used directly on Eden AI. It provides very good performance and recognizes text from many languages.

To use Dataleon on Eden AI, you just need to access either the platform or API:

Dataleon on Eden AI's platform
Using Dataleon with Eden AI platform

Python's code
Using Dataleon with Eden AI python SDK

Don't hesitate to check it out on the platform or with the API.

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