PicPurify Image Moderation engine is available on Eden AI
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PicPurify Image Moderation engine is available on Eden AI

We are pleased to announce that PicPurify has been integrated into Eden AI API. PicPurify's online content moderation API automatically filters out inappropriate user generated media and helps preserving your brand reputation. We had the chance to talk to PicPurify marketing manager, Valentine Lavie, who agreed to answer some of our questions:

Can you introduce PicPurify?

PicPurify is a real-time image moderation API which accurately detects and filters inappropriate images containing specific elements like porn, nudity, violence, drugs, weapons, hate symbols, obscene gestures,etc. Created in 2016, Picpurify was one of the first players in automatic image moderation: our goal was to provide people with the ability to identify unwanted user generated images and automatically remove them from their product or service.

The core algorithm behind PicPurify is based on the most advanced deep learning technology. This algorithm is inspired by the human visual system, and is continuously learning how to identify specific contents in an image by scanning millions of them. Unlike traditional image recognition approaches, PicPurify's state-of-the-art neural network framework learns to extract the most discriminative features from all analyzed images. This technology makes PicPurify's algorithm reach an unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Picpurify is a REST API which can be accessed through any languages supporting HTTP protocol (cURL, Python, Node.js, PHP, etc.).

Who are your customers?

Picpurify is perfect for all e-commerce and marketplaces, social networks, online blogs, dating sites, gaming websites and applications, etc. Wherever users can post photos, whether it is to sell items on the internet, put an avatar on their game profile, or add photos to meet someone; using a solution like Picpurify ensures that no image or video can offend Internet users or violate the rules of use of the platform used. We help thousands of customers around the world make their platforms more secure for their users. The sectors where we have the most clients are dating, online shopping and gaming websites.

Why did you decide to be integrated in Eden AI?

Eden AI is also a French startup at the cutting edge of technology, so the synergy between our two structures was obvious. Eden AI makes AI technologies accessible to everyone, by standardizing processes and providing its users with a unique API, connected to the best AI engines, of which PicPurify is one. It's a virtuous circle where everyone wins.

To use PicPurify on Eden AI, you just need to the documentation and call the API:

import json
import requests

headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer  your_API_key'}

response = requests.post("https://api.edenai.run/v2/image/explicit_content", 
                            data={'providers': "['google']"},
                            files = {'files': open("file_path",'rb')})

result = json.loads(response.text)

Don’t hesitate to check it out with the API or on the platform.

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