Roundstone Company's Journey with Eden AI
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Roundstone Company's Journey with Eden AI

Meet Roundstone Company!

Roundstone Company is a solution provider and innovative custom software design firm which has successfully transformed businesses with the help of AI.

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Adeola Bojuwoye, the Managing Director of Roundstone Consulting, helped us gain valuable insights into their partnership and how Eden AI's unique solution has enabled Roundstone Company to deliver exceptional results to their clients.

Challenges and Objectives

Roundstone Consulting is dedicated to helping enterprises of all sizes add value to their businesses through customized information technology solutions. Although they offer a wide range of services such as finance management, customer relations, and document handling, we’ll focus here on their flagship product, RoundTrack.

RoundTrack platform powered by Eden AI

RoundTrack is an AI-powered browser-based proctoring tool designed to simplify the administration of online exams remotely while ensuring exam integrity.

Proctoring platforms such as RoundTrack are often used for online exams to prevent cheating by monitoring the test-taker's behaviour and flagging any suspicious activity.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Roundstone Consulting leverages various AI technologies within the various software packages that they develop in order to provide superior services to their clients. Thanks to Eden AI single API, Roundstone was able to integrate the following AI-powered functionalities in RoundTrack, automating the candidate behavioral tracking:

  • Object Detection
  • OCR
  • ID Parsing
  • Image search
  • Face Detection
  • Speech recognition
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Ensuring Quality with Rigorous Processes

To ensure the quality of their AI-powered products, Roundstone Consulting follows a meticulous process.

They curate and preprocess high-quality data, conduct rigorous benchmark tests, and continuously monitor and update their models. This commitment to quality guarantees that their AI technology consistently delivers high performance, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Choosing Eden AI as the Ideal Partner

When it came to selecting an AI service provider, Adeola Bojuwoye says they chose us for our unparalleled expertise:

Their exceptional performance, scalability, and seamless integration with ourinfrastructure made them the clear choice. With a strong commitment to data privacy and competitive pricing, Eden AI offered the perfect combination of technical excellence and support for our software's AI needs.

The partnership between Roundstone Consulting and Eden AI has been marked by clear communication, shared goals, mutual trust, and a commitment to collaborative problem-solving:

Our major considerations and reasons for selecting Eden AI revolved around the timetaken for integration with our systems, type of machine learning algorithms, workload reduction and the fact that the product is very friendly for developers.

Throughout the integration process, Eden AI's expertise and support played a crucial role in seamlessly implementing AI features:

Eden AI’s powerful AI technology significantly enhanced the capabilities of our software, enabling us to deliver more accurate and intelligent solutions to our users. The scalability and flexibility of their solution allowed us to handle growing data volumes and adapt to evolving user needs.

He goes on to say:

Our experience with Eden AI has been exceptional. From the initial engagement to ongoing collaboration, they have consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expertise,and responsiveness. Their team has been attentive to our specific needs, providing prompt support and guidance throughout our partnership.

Future Evolution and Integration of AI

Roundstone Consulting has exciting plans for the future evolution of their product, with AI technology playing a central role. They are committed to continuously enhancing their software by leveraging the power of AI.

Their roadmap includes implementing advanced machine learning algorithms to further improve performance, accuracy, and user experience.

By harnessing AI, Roundstone Consulting aims to unlock valuable insights from data, enabling more intelligent decision-making and personalized recommendations for their users. Additionally, they aspire to explore innovative AI-driven features to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in their industry.

Advice for Businesses Leveraging AI

Based on their experience, Adeola Bojuwoye advises other businesses looking to leverage AI to start with clear objectives and specific use cases:

Understand your data assets, collaborate with experts or AI service providers, and beginwith small-scale pilots. Embrace a culture of learning and prioritize data privacy and ethics.

In short, Roundstone's RoundTrack use case shows how much committing to leveraging AI can provide intelligent and innovative solutions. We’re always amazed by our customers’ stories, and we’re thrilled to see that Roundstone Consulting has achieved remarkable results, surpassing performance targets and enhancing user satisfaction with the ongoing support of Eden AI.

The success of this collaboration inspires us to continue assisting more clients, taking on new challenges, and making AI accessible to companies worldwide.

💌 If you believe that Eden AI can be the right fit for your business, reach out to our sales team for further discussions. We look forward meeting you!

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