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Google Cloud develops highly advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions covering a multitude of tasks and processing a wide variety of data. These services include machine learning APIs for tasks such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analytics.

Google Cloud is positioning itself as one of the leading AI providers on par with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Google's Gemini represents the next evolution in their AI capabilities. As an advanced multimodal AI system, Gemini is designed for multi-turn conversational interactions and can process text, images, video, audio, and code.


Specific Features

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Google Cloud's Gemini Chat API

Google's Gemini is an advanced multimodal AI system designed for multi-turn conversational interactions. It goes beyond traditional language models by processing not only text, but also images, video, audio, and code. This versatility enables developers to build sophisticated chatbots and AI applications capable of handling a wide range of tasks, from natural language processing to complex reasoning. Gemini's abilities span from answering queries and generating content to analyzing visual data and assisting with coding.

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Google's Cloud Detection API

Google Cloud's Vision API offers SafeSearch capabilities for detecting explicit content within images and videos. This technology can identify and categorize various types of explicit content, such as adult, violent, or racy content and provide likelihood scores for each category, enabling content moderation and filtering based on predefined policies and guidelines.

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Google Cloud Vision Face Detection API

Google Cloud's Vision API also offers face detection capabilities that can identify and locate faces within images. Key features include detecting multiple faces within a single image, estimating attributes like joy, sorrow, anger, and other facial expressions and determining if faces are blurred, underexposed, or have other quality issues.


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How to use Google Cloud on Eden AI

Step 1: Sign up

Kick things off by creating a free Eden AI account. This unlocks your gateway to Google Cloud's functionalities and free credits.

Dive right in and live-test Google's Text, Image, Speech, Translation, Text tasks, and more to witness its capabilities firsthand.

Step 2: Benchmark

Eden AI offers live testing capabilities that allow you to evaluate your AI models in real-world scenarios.

Configure the testing parameters and scenarios based on Google Cloud's offerings.

Step 3: Craft Prowerful Workflows

Don't be limited by individual features! The true strength of Eden AI lies in its ability to craft custom workflows.

Combine Google Cloud with other AI tasks offered by Eden AI. Imagine streamlining marketing content moderation with an AI-powered workflow combining NSFW detection, spell-checking, and generative AI!

This approach empowers you to address your specific business needs with a tailored AI solution.


Benefits of using Google Cloud on Eden AI

  • Reduced costs
  • Switch between AI Models
  • Secured AI processing



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