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Twelve Labs is a pioneering AI technology company focused on revolutionizing video understanding. It leverages state-of-the-art multimodal AI to analyze and interpret videos with human-like accuracy, enabling users to search, summarize, and interact with video content in unprecedented ways. Its platform supports a wide range of applications, from video archival search and content moderation to automated surveillance and sports analysis, by mapping natural language to video content.

With its innovative approach, Twelve Labs aims to unlock the full potential of video data, making it accessible and actionable for developers and enterprises alike. It stands out for its ability to handle vast video libraries, customizable models, and enterprise-grade security, setting a new standard for video AI capabilities

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Specific Features

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Eden AI integrations on Make

Twelve Labs' Logo Detection API

Twelve Labs' Logo Detection API is designed to identify and locate specific logo patterns or visual elements associated with a brand within video frames or segments. It works by dissecting the video content to detect logos accurately. This API is useful for applications like brand monitoring, video indexing, and content moderation.

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Eden AI integrations on Make

Twelve Labs' Text Detection API

Twelve Labs' Text Detection API, is designed to detect and extract text from video frames using computer vision and machine learning techniques. It helps in converting video content into searchable and analyzable text data. This API is particularly useful for applications that require text recognition from videos, such as video indexing, content moderation, and automatic subtitle generation.

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How to use Twelve Labs on Eden AI

Step 1: Sign up

Kick things off by creating a free Eden AI account. This unlocks your gateway to Twelve Labs' functionalities and free credits.

Dive right in and live-test Twelve Labs' Video Logo Detection, and Video Text Detection to witness its capabilities firsthand.


Step 2: Benchmark

Eden AI offers live testing capabilities that allow you to evaluate your AI models in real-world scenarios.

Configure the testing parameters and scenarios based on Twelve Labs' offerings.

Step 3: Craft Prowerful Workflows

Don't be limited by individual features! The true strength of Eden AI lies in its ability to craft custom workflows.

Combine Twelve Labs' Video Logo Detection API with other AI tasks offered by Eden AI. Imagine automatically tracking people on avideo while detecting logos at the same time!

This approach empowers you to address your specific business needs with a tailored AI solution.


Benefits of using Twelve Labs on Eden AI

  • Reduced costs
  • Switch between AI Models
  • Secured AI processing

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