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Eden AI allows you to orchestrate multiple AI models to fit your business needs. 

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Building AI is complex, we're here to help

It's complex to...

  • Cater to my specific AI business requirements
  • Simultaneously utilize hundreds AI models
  • Track usage and consumption across various model providers

Eden AI allows you to:

  • Orchestrate AI models within workflows
  • Work with a unique API connected to the best AI models
  • Access a simple monitoring and unified billing for all your AI models.

Pick and choose the right AI technology

Generative AI

Eden AI provides access to many generative AI APIs, which can be used to create various types of content, such as images, and text —with more to come!

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Translation API

Translation technologies

Our platform gives access to a large number of machine translation engines from the best AI APIs.

These technologies allow you to translate from one language to another but also let you detect the language of a given string of text. 

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Sentiment Analysis API

Text analysis

Access a wide range of text analysis and NLP engines on Eden AI platform, including:

Sentiment Analysis, NER, Keyword Extraction, Language Detection, Summarisation, Question Answering, Semantic Search, Syntax, Anonymisation, and so forth.

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Image analysis API object detection

Image analysis

Our platform provides a single API that gives you access to various image analysis technologies. 

These features allow you to detect faces, places, logos, and objects in images. They also let you anonymize faces,  find similarities, and so forth.

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Video analysis API person tracking

Video Content Analysis

Thanks to a single API you can access multiple video analysis features to detect faces, objects, text, logos, and explicit content, but also track persons and objects. 

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Invoice Parsing API

OCR/Document Parsing

Access multiple OCR technologies with one single API to extract information from handwritten or scanned documents, such as invoices, resumes, tables, receipts, IDs, and passports.

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Speech to text API

Speech transcription

Eden AI provides access to a range of speech analysis technologies from multiple providers through a single API. This allows you to both convert speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

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