Integrate and automate various cloud apps and services with AI using Albato

Eden AI integrations on Qibb
Eden AI integrations on Qibb
Eden AI integrations on Qibb


Albato is a no-code workflow automation platform allowing users to connect different cloud apps and services, and automate data flows and processes between them using a visual, drag-and-drop interface without any coding required.

With Albato, you can build custom automated workflows, migrate data across apps, and create integrations by leveraging pre-built connectors to over 600 popular apps and services like Salesforce, HubSpot, Airtable, and Slack.

With the Eden AI integration via Albato, you can streamline AI-powered workflows by passing data between Eden AI and other tools, automate repetitive tasks involving AI services, and enhance productivity by visually building AI-driven automations without coding

How it works

  1. Sign in to your Eden AI account to get your API Key to connect to Albato
  2. Go to Albato, select the app and event that will trigger your integration, or set up a schedule as you prefer. Albato allows you to connect Eden AI's AI capabilities like text generation, analysis, translation, image creation, and more with over 600 other apps and services.
  3. Select the actions to be performed and the data you wish to send once your integration is started.

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