Best Face Compare APIs in 2024

Best Face Compare APIs in 2024

What is Face Compare API?

The Face Compare API is a service that allows developers to incorporate facial recognition and comparison features into their apps or systems. This API compares two facial photos to assess their closeness or likeness based on facial traits. The Face Compare API can find similarities and differences between two faces by analyzing facial landmarks, patterns, and attributes using powerful algorithms and machine learning approaches.

Here, compare two faces and decide whether they are from the same person. The API expects 2 images, reference and query, where the former is the ground truth (e.g. user's official ID) and the latter is the validation image (e.g. a selfie).

Face Compare APIs Use Cases

You can use Face Compare in numerous fields, here are some examples of common use cases:

  • Identity Verification: Face Compare API can be used for identity verification processes such as user authentication when creating an account or logging in. It verifies that the person attempting to access an account or service is the same person as represented.
  • Access Control and Security: The API can be linked into access control systems, boosting security by confirming persons' identities before giving access to restricted areas or buildings.
  • Law Enforcement and Forensics: Law enforcement organizations rely on facial recognition and comparison capabilities to identify suspects, locate missing people, and analyze surveillance material to solve crimes.
  • Image Organization: The Face Compare API can help with photo or image organization by detecting and grouping similar faces together, making it easier for users to access and manage their photo collections.
  • E-Learning and Online Exams: Facial comparison can be used by online learning platforms or examination systems to confirm the authenticity of test-takers and prevent impersonation.
  • Retail and Marketing: Retailers may track customer demographics and behavior using facial recognition and comparison, generating knowledge that can be used to improve store layouts, product placement, and focused marketing campaigns.

Best Face Compare APIs on the market

While comparing Face Compare APIs, it is crucial to consider different aspects, among others, cost security and privacy. Face Compare experts at Eden AI tested, compared, and used many Face Compare APIs of the market. Here are some actors that perform well (in alphabetical order):

  • AWS
  • Face++
  • Luxand
  • Mxface
  • IDfy

1. AWS - Available on Eden AI

Rekognition, a facial compare service from Amazon Web Services, is a potent API that enables face comparison, facial analysis, and identification. For varied use cases, it can be integrated into a variety of applications. With the face comparison functionality, you can compare two facial images to determine the degree of similarity or likeness between them. This can be useful for various applications, such as identity verification or finding similar faces within a collection.

2. - Available on Eden AI's Face Compare API offers advanced facial recognition capabilities, allowing businesses to compare and analyze faces within images or videos. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, this API enables accurate identification and verification of individuals, supporting a wide range of applications such as identity verification, access control, and personalized user experiences. With's Face Compare API, organizations can enhance security measures, streamline authentication processes, and deliver tailored services based on facial recognition technology.

3. Face++ - Available on Eden AI

‍A full range of facial recognition APIs, including face comparison, detection, and analysis, are offered by Face++. It offers great precision and is frequently utilized throughout sectors. The Face++ Face Comparison API allows developers to compare two facial images and determine their similarity or likeness based on facial features and characteristics.

4. Luxand

In order to identify people, algorithms are used in the Luxand face recognition API to compare and analyze patterns in visual features. A reference database of well-known people is used to compare an image's face traits. By submitting pictures of the people they wish to be able to identify, the user creates the reference database. Fast and extremely accurate, the facial recognition API. In less than a second, they can usually match faces or enroll photos.

5. Mxface

Face analysis and identification services are available through the cloud-based API For face detection and analysis in pictures and videos, it makes use of sophisticated computer vision techniques. In addition to face detection, face recognition, face search, and face verification, also offers a variety of other functions. By comparing two faces, you may decide whether or not they match using's face verification feature. Security systems, access management, and identity verification are just a few of the uses for this functionality.

6. IDfy

The Face Compare API from IDfy guarantees that the documents you get are legitimate and belong to the people you believe they do. It streamlines workflows by doing away with the need to manually scrutinize and contrast faces in several papers and photos. With the help of IDfy's face compare API, you can make decisions more quickly by feeding it two photographs.

Performance variations of Face Compare

Face Compare API performance can vary depending on a number of variables, including the technology used by the provider, the underlying algorithms, the amount of the dataset, the server architecture, and network latency. Listed below are a few typical performance discrepancies between several Face Compare APIs:

  • Accuracy: A key performance metric for facial recognition and comparison is accuracy. Some face comparison and identification APIs may be more reliable than others, leading to more accurate results and fewer false positives and negatives.
  • Scalability: The ability of an API to handle large volumes of requests efficiently is essential, especially for applications with high user traffic or extensive databases.
  • Privacy and Security: The measures taken by the platform to adhere to privacy regulations and protect user data.

Why choose Eden AI to manage your Face Compare APIs

‍Companies and developers from a wide range of industries (Social Media, Retail, Health, Finances, Law, etc.) use Eden AI’s unique API to easily integrate Face Compare tasks in their cloud-based applications, without having to build their own solutions.

Eden AI offers multiple AI APIs on its platform among several technologies: Text-to-Speech, Language Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Face Recognition, Question Answering, Data Anonymization, Speech Recognition, and so forth.

We want our users to have access to multiple Face compare engines and manage them in one place so they can reach high performance, optimize cost and cover all their needs. There are many reasons for using multiple APIs :

  • Fallback provider is the ABCs: You need to set up a provider API that is requested if and only if the main Face Recognition API does not perform well (or is down). You can use confidence score returned or other methods to check provider accuracy.
  • Performance optimization: After the testing phase, you will be able to build a mapping of providers’ performance based on the criteria you have chosen (languages, fields, etc.). Each data that you need to process will then be sent to the best Face Recognition API.
  • Cost - Performance ratio optimization: You can choose the cheapest Face Recognition provider that performs well for your data.
  • Combine multiple AI APIs: This approach is required if you look for extremely high accuracy. The combination leads to higher costs but allows your AI service to be safe and accurate because Face Recognition APIs will validate and invalidate each other for each piece of data.

How Eden AI can help you?

‍Eden AI has been made for multiple AI APIs use. Eden AI is the future of AI usage in companies. Eden AI allows you to call multiple AI APIs.

  • Centralized and fully monitored billing on Eden AI for all Face Compare APIs.
  • Unified API for all providers: simple and standard to use, quick switch between providers, access to the specific features of each provider.
  • Standardized response format: the JSON output format is the same for all suppliers thanks to Eden AI's standardization work. The response elements are also standardized thanks to Eden AI's powerful matching algorithms.
  • The best Artificial Intelligence APIs in the market are available: big cloud providers (Google, AWS, Microsoft, and more specialized engines).
  • Data protection: Eden AI will not store or use any data. Possibility to filter to use only GDPR engines.

You can see Eden AI documentation here.

Next step in your project

The Eden AI team can help you with your Face Compare integration project. This can be done by :

  • Organizing a product demo and a discussion to better understand your needs. You can book a time slot on this link: Contact
  • By testing the public version of Eden AI for free: however, not all providers are available on this version. Some are only available on the Enterprise version.
  • By benefiting from the support and advice of a team of experts to find the optimal combination of providers according to the specifics of your needs.
  • Having the possibility to integrate on a third-party platform: we can quickly develop connectors.

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