Best Resume Parser APIs in 2024

Best Resume Parser APIs in 2024

What is Resume Parser?

A resume parser API lets you automate the process of examining CVs, like PDFs or Word documents, to gather data in structured order, like contact information, work experience, education, and skills.

Resume Parsing result on Eden AI

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is often used in resume parsing APIs to convert scanned or image-based resumes into machine-readable text. This allows the API to extract information from non-editable files by recognizing the text within them.

Resume Parser APIs uses cases

The OCR Resume Parser is designed to extract information from resumes across different fields and present it in a structured format like a database or spreadsheet. It captures essential details like the candidate's name, contact information, education, work experience, skills, and other pertinent information.

The extracted data is valuable for tasks such as resume screening, candidate tracking, and database management. By employing the OCR Resume Parser, industries such as IT, Healthcare, Banking, and more can streamline their recruitment processes, enhance efficiency, and achieve better results.

Best Resume Parser APIs on the market

While comparing Resume Parser APIs, it is crucial to consider different aspects, among others, cost security and privacy. Resume Parser experts at Eden AI tested, compared, and used many Resume Parser APIs of the market. Here are some actors that perform well (in alphabetical order):

  • Affinda
  • Daxtra
  • HireAbility
  • Hirize
  • Klippa
  • RChilli
  • SenseLoaf
  • Sovren
  • Superparser
  • TextKernel

1. Affinda - Available on Eden AI

By leveraging advanced NLP to deliver exceptional results, Affinda surpasses other resume parsing APIs by extracting over 100 fields from each resume, allowing for comprehensive and detailed analysis. These fields are then efficiently organized into searchable file formats, providing users with a streamlined and convenient experience. Furthermore, Affinda sets itself apart by supporting an impressive range of languages, enabling the parsing of CVs in 56 different languages.

2. Daxtra

Ensuring unparalleled accuracy and versatility, DaXtra Parser excels in extracting rich information from CVs and resumes in multiple languages. The API supports various CV, vacancy styles and layouts, including social media profiles, ensuring comprehensive coverage. With its extensive language support, including multiple regions and dialects across Europe and Asia, Daxtra provides a comprehensive and precise resume parsing solutions.

3. HireAbility - Available on Eden AI

HireAbility offers a robust and reliable Resume Parsing solution for organizations of all sizes. One notable advantage is that HireAbility does not store any of the resume or job data, ensuring data privacy and security for users. Moreover, HireAbility's world-class resume parser and job vacancy parser can seamlessly integrate into existing Oracle Fusion Cloud workflows, enabling a streamlined and efficient process. What makes HireAbility particularly unique is the ability to recognize and parse data from the Matters section, predominantly found in legal and lawyer resumes and CVs. Additionally, HireAbility continually enhances its resume parsing and job parsing online demos, introducing new features and updates for an improved user experience.

4. Hirize

With advanced OCR, NLP, and GPT-3 AI technology, Hirize achieves an impressive parsing accuracy of 98%. The provider ensures that organizations can quickly and easily find top talent from resumes in various file formats, including jpg, word, and pdf. Moreover, the seamless API integration provided by Hirize allows for easy implementation with a simple POST call to their RESTFul API.

5. Klippa - Available on Eden AI

Klippa's Resume Parser API employs cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to accurately extract and analyze essential information from resumes. This API seamlessly integrates with various systems, facilitating the efficient parsing of resumes to streamline recruitment processes and enhance candidate evaluation. With support for multiple file formats and languages, Klippa's solution offers a versatile and powerful tool for automating resume data extraction and optimizing HR workflows.

6. RChilli

RChilli is known for its comprehensive solutions, offering parsing, matching, and enrichment capabilities to enhance every recruitment management system. With their resume parser and CV parser, fueled by AI and NLP technologies, RChilli empowers users to effortlessly extract relevant information from resumes of various formats, facilitating seamless analysis and streamlined processes.

7. SenseLoaf - Available on Eden AI

SenseLoaf's Resume Parser API utilizes advanced AI and natural language processing to extract and analyze pertinent details from resumes. This comprehensive API enables businesses to automate the extraction of candidate information, including skills, experience, and education, from resumes in diverse formats. By leveraging SenseLoaf's Resume Parser API, organizations can elevate their recruitment processes, improve candidate matching, and effectively manage resume data with ease.

8. Sovren

Sovren's resume parsing API stands out with pinpoint accuracy and 100% uptime for the past two years. It ensures advanced security, never storing data and encrypting all transactions. With fast processing and 10X fewer errors, it delivers efficient and accurate results. Sovren promotes unbiased hiring by anonymizing resumes and offers extensive language support, insightful summaries, and flexible input options.

9. Superparser

SuperParser is a versatile resume parsing API designed for enterprise use. It seamlessly integrates with various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), internal recruitment teams, HR technology platforms, and job boards, catering to organizations of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. The SuperParser API excels at parsing resumes in multiple formats, including Microsoft Word (DOCX), PDF, Text (.txt), Rich Text (RTF), and OpenOffice. With lightning-fast processing, the SuperParser API can swiftly handle documents in a matter of seconds, ensuring efficient and results in no time.

10. TextKernel

Textkernel's resume parser is renowned for its exceptional accuracy and serves as a valuable tool for recruiting organizations worldwide. It enables these organizations to effectively handle large volumes of candidate documents. With support for over 24 languages and the ability to process documents in various formats such as PDF, DOCX, doc, HTML, ODT, and TXT, the API offers unparalleled flexibility. Textkernel's state-of-the-art AI empowers the parser to extract information from documents regardless of their structure, language, or writing style. The AI is built using native-language documents and speakers, eliminating the need for quality-degrading machine translations and ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Performance variations of Resume Parser APIs

For all companies who use Resume Parser in their software: cost and performance are real concerns. The Resume Parser market is quite dense and all those providers have their benefits and weaknesses.

Performances of Resume Parser vary according to the specificity of data used by each AI engine for their model training. This means that some Resume Parser may perform great for some languages but won’t necessarily for others.

Variation performances depending on the quality of the document

When testing multiple OCR Resume APIs, you will find that providers' accuracy can be different according to text quality. In fact, the quality of a resume document, including its layout and formatting, can significantly impact the performance of a Resume Parser. Well-structured and organized resumes are more likely to be parsed accurately, while poorly formatted or disorganized resumes can pose challenges for the parser.

Variation performances across languages

Resume Parsing APIs perform differently depending on the language of the text. Some providers are specialized in specific languages. Different specificities exist:

  • Region specialties: some Resume Parsing APIs improve their machine learning algorithm to make them accurate for text in a specific language. For example, some Resume Parsing APIs perform well in translating English (US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana, Ireland, Australia, India, etc.), while others are specialized in Asian languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.).
  • Rare language specialty: some Resume Parsing vendors care about rare languages and dialects. You can find Resume Parsing APIs that allow you to process text in Gujarati, Marathi, Burmese, Pashto, Zulu, Swahili, etc.

Why choose Eden AI to manage your Resume Parser APIs

‍Companies and developers from a wide range of industries (Social Media, Retail, Health, Finances, Law, etc.) use Eden AI’s unique API to easily integrate OCR Resume tasks in their cloud-based applications, without having to build their own solutions.

Eden AI offers multiple AI APIs on its platform amongst several technologies: Text-to-Speech, Language Detection, Sentiment analysis API, Summarization, Question Answering, Data Anonymization, Speech recognition, and so forth.

We want our users to have access to multiple OCR Resume engines and manage them in one place so they can reach high performance, optimize cost and cover all their needs. There are many reasons for using multiple APIs :

  • Fallback provider is the ABCs: You need to set up a provider API that is requested if and only if the main Resume Parser API does not perform well (or is down). You can use confidence score returned or other methods to check provider accuracy.
  • Performance optimization: After the testing phase, you will be able to build a mapping of providers’ performance based on the criteria you have chosen (languages, fields, etc.). Each data that you need to process will then be sent to the best Resume Parser API.
  • Cost - Performance ratio optimization: You can choose the cheapest Resume Parser provider that performs well for your data.
  • Combine multiple AI APIs: This approach is required if you look for extremely high accuracy. The combination leads to higher costs but allows your AI service to be safe and accurate because Resume Parser APIs will validate and invalidate each other for each piece of data.

How Eden AI can help you?

‍Eden AI has been made for multiple AI APIs use. Eden AI is the future of AI usage in companies. Eden AI allows you to call multiple AI APIs.

Multiple AIs in one API - Eden AI
Multiple AIs in one API - Eden AI

  • Centralized and fully monitored billing on Eden AI for all Resume Parser APIs
  • Unified API for all providers: simple and standard to use, quick switch between providers, access to the specific features of each provider
  • Standardized response format: the JSON output format is the same for all suppliers thanks to Eden AI's standardization work. The response elements are also standardized thanks to Eden AI's powerful matching algorithms.
  • The best Artificial Intelligence APIs in the market are available: big cloud providers (Google, AWS, Microsoft, and more specialized engines)
  • Data protection: Eden AI will not store or use any data. Possibility to filter to use only GDPR engines.

You can see Eden AI documentation here.

Next step in your project

The Eden AI team can help you with your Resume Parser integration project. This can be done by :

  • Organizing a product demo and a discussion to better understand your needs. You can book a time slot on this link: Contact
  • By testing the public version of Eden AI for free: however, not all providers are available on this version. Some are only available on the Enterprise version.
  • By benefiting from the support and advice of a team of experts to find the optimal combination of providers according to the specifics of your needs.
  • Having the possibility to integrate on a third party platform: we can quickly develop connectors.

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