Eden AI raises €1.5 million to build the future of AI-as-a-Service

Eden AI raises €1.5 million to build the future of AI-as-a-Service

Press release - March 2022

Eden AI develops an aggregator of AI solutions for developers. The French company democratizes the use of Artificial Intelligence by bringing together the best engines on the market. Supported by the 50 Partners accelerator, Eden AI has raised €1.5 million from successful entrepreneurs such as: Olivier Pomel (Datadog), Nicolas Dessaigne (Algolia), Sébastien Pahl (Docker), Julien Lemoine (Algolia), Benjamin Fabre (DataDome), Laurent Letourmy (Ysance), Jean-Baptiste Aviat (Sqreen), Georges Gomes (Div Riots), Thomas Grange (Botify), etc.

AI engines: a booming market

The global market for AI systems has been booming in recent years. Artificial intelligence has gone beyond the “hype” that popularized it, to become more of a commodity within companies. Nine out of ten executives believe that AI would be a good business opportunity in their company. Despite this fact, only 37% of companies have implemented it because they often lack the necessary internal resources to do so. Companies are therefore turning towards simpler solutions available on the market grouped under the name AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS).

Eden AI is an Artificial Intelligence engine aggregator that offers a unique API which gives you direct access to the AI engine best suited for your data. Offering tens of AI technologies on its platform, Eden AI meets the needs of companies and developers wishing to use AI technologies while maintaining flexibility in choice.

Users all over the world

Launched in September 2021, the platform already has over 500 users worldwide. The company has also established more than 20 partnerships with AI engine providers (Mindee, Dataleon, Deepgram, AssemblyAI, Rev.AI, Speechmatics, Lettria etc.) wishing to promote their AI technologies against the market giants. 

Eden AI has various AI technologies offered on its platform such as image recognition, machine translation, audio transcription or machine learning.

"We were particularly attracted by the team's vision and by the company's ability to position itself as a central player in this booming market," says Jérôme Masurel, CEO of 50 Partners.

Supported by brilliant tech entrepreneurs

To succeed in this ambitious project, the team has surrounded itself with brilliant business angels who have founded well-known technology companies: Olivier Pomel (Datadog), Nicolas Dessaigne (Algolia), Sébastien Pahl (Docker), Julien Lemoine (Algolia), Benjamin Fabre (DataDome), Laurent Letourmy (Ysance), Jean-Baptiste Aviat (Sqreen), Georges Gomes (Div Riots), Thomas Grange (Botify), etc.

In addition to these investors, the 50 Partners fund has supported major successes through their ecosystem dedicated to innovative projects, such as Datadome, Sqreen or ProcessOut. 

"Eden AI is a product designed by developers, for developers who want to enhance their product with various AI services. It's a tool that can really make their jobs easier and accelerate the adoption of AI within companies." Nicolas Dessaigne, co-founder of Algolia and partner at Y Combinator, declares.

Eden AI partners

To quickly become the market leader

The fundraising launched by Eden AI will allow the company to develop the product by soon integrating more than 30 suppliers and by offering additional features, including automatic and dynamic recommendation of the best supplier according to the user's data. To achieve this, the company plans to increase the number of developers to about 20, including talented python developers, to continue the development of the product.

"With Eden AI, we saw an opportunity in a growing sector. We are working on an easy-to-use product that will allow developers to better master these AI technologies. We are very excited about being able to position ourselves quickly in a very large market like this one, with a global vision established since day one'', says Taha Zemmouri, CEO of Eden AI.

About Eden AI

Eden AI is an artificial intelligence engine aggregator that offers a single API, thus providing the most suitable AI engine for the user's data. Offering thus far more than 15 vendors on its platform, Eden AI addresses the needs of enterprises and developers looking to use AI technologies.

For more information: www.edenai.co

About 50 Partners

Created in 2012, 50 Partners is one of the first French accelerator and investment funds. The organization brings together 50 successful entrepreneurs (founders of BlaBlaCar, Showroomprive, Dataiku, Talentsoft, LeBonCoin, etc.) to select, support and finance a selection of innovative projects with high potential. 

For more information: www.50partners.fr

Press release

March 2022

Press kit available here.


Taha Zemmouri (CEO) / taha@edenai.co

Séphora Mfinda (Communication Manager) / sephora.mfinda@edenai.co

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