How to build a RAG Chatbot with LLMs

How to build a RAG Chatbot with LLMs

AI's rapid advancement, driven by exponential growth, has led to superhuman proficiency in tasks like image recognition, natural language processing, and gaming. This evolution is fueled by factors such as increased data availability, powerful hardware, and improved machine learning algorithms.

While NLP-based AI chatbots have made significant progress, they often face limitations within predefined data scopes, necessitating ongoing AI development to integrate user-specific databases for seamless interactions and to meet dynamic information needs.

Eden AI Workflows

Beyond the diverse range of AI technologies available through Eden AI, there is the option to incorporate additional products into your software. Take Language Pair Translation , for example, functioning as a universal translator that helps define your language preferences and translate text using specified language pairs. Another noteworthy product is Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution, a tool that allows you to customize and deploy language models for data queries. This article will exclusively explore the latter Eden AI's product for customizable AI Chatbots.

What is Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution ?

The AI Chatbot product is an ingenious solution created by our team of engineers at Eden AI to enable customers to easily build their own AI chatbots in response to these limitations. It provides powerful collaboration capabilities, a scalable platform, and a secure portal to sophisticated language models.

With Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution with RAG, you can easily build a customized AI assistant that meets your unique database needs. You can train your chatbot on your own data or on your business using various programming languages such as Python, JavaScript and more.

In addition, Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution supports chatbot training with OpenAI, Cohere, Anthropic, Google and AI21Labs, making it a versatile and comprehensive solution. The API's accessibility makes it uncomplicated to integrate with existing software.

How to use the AI Chatbot solution with the Eden AI API?

Step 1. Access the Eden AI API

To start using the AI Chatbot solution you need to create an account on Eden AI for free. Then, you'll be able to get your API key directly from the homepage and use it with free credits offered by Eden AI.

Step 2. Create the Project

Go to Eden AI products and find Eden AI's Chatbot. You have two options to customise your project settings: Quickstart or Start from scratch.

In the start from scratch option, you have the flexibility to select your current database provider, presently qdrant. Additionally, you can choose your embedding provider from a selection that includes Open AI, Google, and Cohere and your LLM model.

In the future, there will be additional choices available, such as adjusting the chunk size, overlap, selecting an OCR provider, and a speech-to-text provider.

Step 3. Upload your Data

After creating your project, you can upload your data in the form of texts, URLs, PDFs, MP3, or WAV. The PDFs will be automatically parsed by OCR and the audio files will undergo speech-to-text conversion. There is also a code snippet available to add data

Step 4. Interact with your Data

Then enter your prompt and ask questions on your data. You can also change the LLM model. 

Step 5. Integrate the API into your application

With the AI Chatbot product, you can integrate it into your app using the provided API documentation and guidelines. Eden AI API offers comprehensive documentation and code snippets, enabling smooth integration with your preferred programming language. With the API you can import data, delete chunk, create, retrieve, list and delete projects.

Here is the code snippet to ask questions to your chatbot.

Step 6. Make API requests

To build your own chatbot with your data using Eden AI API, construct an API request with the necessary parameters. Ensure that you adhere to the API's formatting and authentication requirements when making requests.

Step 7. Set up your account for more API calls

We offer $10 free credits to get started with our API. Purchase additional credits if needed:

Step 8. Start scaling and monitoring the performance of your API

As your application grows, monitor the performance and scalability of the AI Chatbot API integrated through Eden AI. Ensure that the API usage remains within acceptable limits and explore options for scaling up or optimizing API calls if necessary.

Regularly review the AI Chatbot API on Eden AI to take advantage of any new updates or additions.

Step 9. Add your chatbot to your website

Your chatbot can be integrated into a website or application to allow users to ask questions and receive responses based on the data the chatbot has been trained on. The repository on GitHub contains the source code for using and displaying the Yoda Chatbot in a website, with branches for the unframed source code and the embed code.

How does Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution work?

Eden AI's AI Chatbot operates on an embedding framework. Upon uploading data, it undergoes segmentation into data chunks based on predetermined chunk sizes.

Then users can search within these data segments, with each segment accompanied by a relevance score indicating its alignment with the search query, along with metadata details such as the source and upload timestamp.

Users can also select the number of queries returned. These data segments are transformed into respective vectors and stored within the vector database. When a user submits a prompt, it is likewise converted into vectors and compared against those in the database, ultimately selecting the most closely matching data chunk for use.

What are the uses of Eden AI's AI Chatbot API?

Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution has a wide range of uses across various industries and applications. Here are some everyday use cases:

1. Industries/Companies

Companies that rely on chatbots often face limitations in manually answering every user query. With the AI Chatbot solution, businesses can leverage their company data by inputting it into the database and allowing the Custom Chatbot handle user questions efficiently. Furthermore, companies have the option to seamlessly integrate the AI Chatbot product with their Discord channels or Slack workspaces and train them to respond effectively, streamlining their customer support processes.

2. Students

For students, conventional chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard have inherent limitations, preventing them from providing comprehensive answers to all academic queries. To bridge this gap, students can leverage the AI Chatbot solution by uploading their entire course content.

This empowers them to seek clarification and resolve doubts more effectively, creating a valuable resource for educational assistance. 

3. Content Creators

Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution offers a valuable tool for content creators seeking to diversify their creative output. It can be harnessed to generate a wide array of creative text formats, including poems, code snippets, scripts, musical compositions, emails, letters, and more.

This capability proves invaluable for content creators aiming to produce high-quality and diverse content quickly and effortlessly, enhancing their creative endeavors.

4. Researchers

Researchers often require swift access to diverse sources of information for their work. Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution serves as a valuable tool for research purposes, enabling researchers to explore various topics and gather information efficiently from a range of sources. This feature streamlines the research process and enhances productivity.


Eden AI's AI Chatbot solution offers a revolutionary solution for customizable AI chatbots, addressing limitations by facilitating data integration and training in multiple programming languages.

It has broad applications across industries, making it a versatile tool to train the chatbot with your own data for businesses, students, content creators, and researchers.

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