How to integrate AI APIs in Make (formerly Integromat) using Eden AI?

How to integrate AI APIs in Make (formerly Integromat) using Eden AI?

Eden AI is an AI API aggregator that allows you to use many AI technologies employing many different providers available on the market without having to set up each API individually. We are delighted to announce that Eden AI is now available on the no code platform Make (formerly Integromat) : Eden AI integration on Make.

What is Make?

Make is a tool designed to help people with low code skills to perform new workflows easily and simplify their processes. Every workflow you visualize in your mind can be done on Make thanks to the centralization of several apps. 

Example of apps available on the Make App

Eden AI's multiple AI modules on Make

Eden AI was created for no-coders having difficulties with choosing the right AI provider and integrating several APIs. Also, creating an account for each app might be a tough job —Eden AI allows you to connect and manage all your APIs on one single account. Since some AI providers can be difficult to use, we wanted to simplify the “no code” part and make AI available to people as much as possible. 

Eden AI provides multiple AI modules on Make :

- OCR : extracting text from images and parsing invoice, receipt or resume to extract data

- Computer vision: detect faces, objects, logos, explicit content, etc.

- Text analysis : sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, summarization, etc.

- Machine Translation

- Speech recognition

20 AI modules are currently available on the Eden AI Make app. Eden AI is the first complete AI app that allows you to include data processing in your scenarios.

How to use Eden AI within Make

The video above will teach you how to use Eden AI's many features on Make so you can integrate any module you like with each other. Eden AI’s modules are very intuitive, though you might need our documentation at some point. In order to use Eden AI on Make, you’ll need to create an account on Eden AI to get your token. Remember that Eden AI platform allows you to compare all of the APIs available on the app that are best suited to your needs and data. 

Payments only depend on your consumption (pay-per-use), while prices depend on the provider (note that our costs are similar to the provider’s API). The price for each provider is available on Eden AI platform. To give you an idea, here is a list of different speech recognition engines's pricing :

Example of a scenario:

Once the API has been configured, you can extract text from the image using Eden AI OCR API, which will go through Eden AI’s translation module, for example, or Text-to-Speech to have an audio re-transcription. Then, the translated text can be added to Google Sheets.

Example of an AI workflow you can create on Make

You can access the Make app here to tackle different tasks : Computer vision, OCR, Text analysis, Machine Translation, Speech recognition categories. 

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