Top 10 Explicit Content Detection APIs

Top 10 Explicit Content Detection APIs

Here is our selection of the best Explicit Content Detection APIs, to help you choose and access the right engine according to your data.

What is Explicit Content Detection?

Explicit Content Detection result on Eden AI
Explicit Content Detection result on Eden AI

An explicit content detection engine allows you to detect Not Suitable For Work (NSFW) media (i.e., image/ video) content. The Explicit content engine is based on residual network (i.e., deep learning model) which returns a probability to indicate the explicitness in media content. The value is further compared with a defined threshold to decide whether the content is explicit or not. These engines not only differentiates between explicit/non-explicit contents but also indicates the degree of explicitness in any media content.

Top 10 Explicit Content Detection APIs

1. api4ai - Available on Eden AI

API4AI is a computer vision and artificial intelligence platform for startups, enterprises and individual developers. API4AI provides engines for many computer vision technologies, including NFSW recognition.

2. AWS - Available on Eden AI

Amazon Rekognition helps detect inappropriate, unwanted or offensive content. Amazon Rekognition moderation API can be used in social media, broadcast media, advertising, and e-commerce situations to create a safer user experience, provide brand safety assurances to advertisers, and comply with local and global regulations.

3. Clarifai - Available on Eden AI

Clarifai is a leading provider of artificial intelligence for unstructured image, video, and text data. We help organizations transform their images, video, and text data into structured data significantly faster and more accurately than humans would be able to do on their own. Their Explicit content detection API returns probability scores on the likelihood that an image contains concepts such as gore, drugs, explicit nudity, or suggestive nudity.

4. Google Cloud - Available on Eden AI

SafeSearch Detection detects explicit content such as adult content or violent content within an image. This feature uses five categories (adult, spoof, medical, violence, and racy) and returns the likelihood that each is present in a given image. See the SafeSearchAnnotation page for details on these fields.

5. Cloudmersive

Cloudmersive brings its customers a complete portfolio of APIs across document conversion and processing, deep learning OCR, image recognition, NLP, etc. Cloudmersive powerful explicit content detection API automatically classify an image into Not Safe For Work/Racy or Safe categories.

6. Imagga

Imagga is a computer vision artificial intelligence company. Imagga Image Recognition API features auto-tagging, auto-categorization, face recognition, visual search, content moderation, auto-cropping, color extraction, custom training and ready-to-use models. Available in the Cloud and on On-Premise. It is currently deployed in leading digital asset management solutions and personal cloud platforms and consumer facing apps.

7. Microsoft Azure - Available on Eden AI

Azure Computer Vision can detect adult material in images so that developers can restrict the display of these images in their software. Content flags are applied with a score between zero and one so developers can interpret the results according to their own preferences. The "adult" classification contains several different categories: Adult images, Racy images, Adult images, Gory images show blood/gore.

8. PicPurify - Available on Eden AI

PicPurify is a real-time image moderation API which detects and filters inappropriate images containing specific elements like porn, nudity, violence, drugs, weapons, hate symbols, obscene gestures, etc. It can be used to analyze images on websites, social media platforms and messaging applications to identify and remove inappropriate content. PicPurify can also be used to monitor user-generated content and flag images that contain explicit content for review by a moderator.

9. - Available on Eden AI is a software platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to detect and classify explicit content. This technology can be used to automatically filter out inappropriate content from text, images and videos. Its capabilities include image recognition, deep learning and natural language processing technology.

10. Sightengine

Sightengine is an Artificial Intelligence company that empowers  developers and businesses. Our powerful image and video analysis  technology is built on proprietary state-of-the-art Deep Learning  systems and is made available through simple and clean APIs. The WAD endpoint recognizes and detects different categories of items that are not appropriate for the general public. The endoint is great for anyone who needs to moderate user-generated images. They also have endpoints for nudity and offensive signs.

Some Explicit Content Detection API use cases

You can use Explicit Content Detection in numerous fields. Here are some examples of common use cases:

  • Online Content Moderation: Automatically filter or flag potentially offensive or adult content in various applications such as social media, e-commerce, and messaging.
  • Cyber Security: Detect and remove explicit images, and protect children from inappropriate content.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Automatically moderate user-generated content and detect explicit content
  • E-commerce: Automatically filter out or flag explicit content in product descriptions or user-generated reviews.
  • Gaming: Detect and remove explicit language or imagery from in-game chat or player-generated content.
  • Education: Automatically filter or flag explicit content in student-generated assignments or papers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Filter out explicit content from search results
  • Advertising: To automatically filter out or flag explicit content in advertisements
  • News: To automatically filter out or flag explicit content in news articles

Why choose Eden AI to manage your APIs

Companies and developers from a wide range of industries (Social Media, Retail, Health, Finances, Law, etc.) use Eden AI’s unique API to easily integrate Explicit Content Detection tasks in their cloud-based applications, without having to build their own solutions.‍

Eden AI offers multiple AI APIs on its platform amongst several technologies: Text-to-Speech, Language Detection, Sentiment analysis API, Summarization, Question Answering, Data Anonymization, Speech recognition, and so forth.

We want our users to have access to multiple Explicit Content Detection engines and manage them in one place so they can reach high performance, optimize cost and cover all their needs. There are many reasons for using multiple APIs:

Fallback provider is the ABCs

You need to set up a provider API that is requested if and only if the main Explicit Content Detection API does not perform well (or is down). You can use confidence score returned or other methods to check provider accuracy.

Performance optimization.

After the testing phase, you will be able to build a mapping of providers performance based on the criteria you have chosen (languages, fields, etc.). Each data that you need to process will then be sent to the best Explicit Content Detection API.

Cost - Performance ratio optimization.

You can choose the cheapest Explicit Content Detection provider that performs well for your data.

Combine multiple AI APIs.

This approach is required if you look for extremely high accuracy. The combination leads to higher costs but allows your AI service to be safe and accurate because Explicit Content Detection APIs will validate and invalidate each other for each piece of data.

How Eden AI can help you?

‍Eden AI has been made for multiple AI APIs use. Eden AI is the future of AI usage in companies. Eden AI allows you to call multiple AI APIs.

One API for multiple AI engines - Eden AI

  • Centralized and fully monitored billing on Eden AI for all Explicit Content Detection APIs
  • Unified API for all providers: simple and standard to use, quick switch between providers, access to the specific features of each provider
  • Standardized response format: the JSON output format is the same for all suppliers thanks to Eden AI's standardization work. The response elements are also standardized thanks to Eden AI's powerful matching algorithms.
  • The best Artificial Intelligence APIs in the market are available: big cloud providers (Google, AWS, Microsoft, and more specialized engines)
  • Data protection: Eden AI will not store or use any data. Possibility to filter to use only GDPR engines.

You can see Eden AI documentation here.

Next step in your project

The Eden AI team can help you with your Explicit Content Detection integration project. This can be done by:

  • Organizing a product demo and a discussion to better understand your needs. You can book a time slot here: Contact
  • By testing the public version of Eden AI for free: however, not all providers are available on this version. Some are only available on the Enterprise version.
  • By benefiting from the support and advice of a team of experts to find the optimal combination of providers according to the specifics of your needs
  • Having the possibility to integrate on a third-party platform: we can quickly develop connectors

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