Top Free OCR Receipt Parser APIs, and Open Source models

Top Free OCR Receipt Parser APIs, and Open Source models

What is Receipt Parser API?

Receipt Parser is a technology that extracts and digitizes meaningful data from scanned or PDF receipts using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It automates the process of scanning receipts and extracting information, allowing businesses to collect data faster and more efficiently compared to manual data entry. Common fields captured by receipt OCR include item descriptions, quantities, prices, merchant information, dates, and total amounts.

Receipt Parsing on Eden AI
Receipt Parsing

By automating the extraction of data from receipts, companies can streamline their workflows, reduce errors, and gain valuable insights into their spending and purchasing habits.

Top Open Source (Free) Receipt Parser models on the market

For users seeking a cost-effective engine, opting for an open-source model is recommended. Here is the list of the best Receipt Parser Open Source Models:

Tesseract OCR

Tesseract is a highly versatile open-source OCR engine that can be adapted for receipt data extraction. With the right training and configuration, it can serve as a powerful tool for developers looking to build their own receipt parser solutions. Tesseract includes a neural net (LSTM) based OCR engine, which improves its performance on line recognition. It also supports legacy modes for compatibility and performance tuning. Tesseract's ability to be trained with additional data makes it highly adaptable for specialized tasks like receipt parsing.

Apache Tika

Apache Tika is an open-source content analysis toolkit that can extract text from various document formats. By leveraging its OCR capabilities, developers can extract text from images of receipts and then apply custom parsing logic to structure the data. Tika provides a more straightforward integration for developers who are familiar with Java and content analysis, making it relatively easy to use in projects. Tika's broad support for different file types and its ability to extract metadata make it versatile, though additional customization might be needed for optimal receipt data extraction. Free OC API, although not an open source model, offers a FREE OCR API that provides a straightforward method for parsing images and multi-page PDF documents to get the extracted text results in a JSON format. It supports a rate limit of 500 requests per day per IP address, making it a generous option for developers looking to integrate OCR capabilities without incurring costs. The API provides decent accuracy for general OCR tasks and supports output in JSON format, which is useful for developers. As an API, is very easy to integrate into applications, requiring minimal setup and offering a straightforward method for OCR tasks.

Cons of Using Open Source AI models

Although open-source AI models offer numerous benefits, they also present certain drawbacks and hurdles. Here are some disadvantages of utilizing open-source models:

  • Not Entirely Cost Free: Despite being valuable resources, open-source models may not always be entirely cost-free. Users often incur expenses for hosting and server usage, particularly when dealing with large or resource-intensive datasets.
  • Lack of Support: Open-source models may lack official support channels or dedicated customer service teams. When encountering issues or needing assistance, users might have to depend on community forums or volunteers, which may not offer the same reliability as commercial support.
  • Limited Documentation: Some open-source models may lack comprehensive or well-maintained documentation. This can pose challenges for developers in understanding how to effectively utilize the model, resulting in frustration and wasted time.
  • Security Concerns: Security vulnerabilities can exist in open-source models, and addressing these issues may take longer compared to commercially supported models. Users may need to actively monitor for security updates and patches.
  • Scalability and Performance: Open-source models might not be as optimized for performance and scalability as commercial counterparts. Applications requiring high performance or handling numerous requests may necessitate additional time investment in optimization efforts.

Why choose Eden AI?

Given the potential costs and challenges related to open-source models, one cost-effective solution is to use APIs. Eden AI smoothens the incorporation and implementation of AI technologies with its API, connecting to multiple AI engines.

Eden AI presents a broad range of AI APIs on its platform, customized to suit your needs and financial limitations. These technologies include data parsing, language identification, sentiment analysis, logo recognition, question answering, data anonymization, speech recognition, and numerous other capabilities.

To get started, we offer free credit for you to explore our APIs.

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Access Receipt Parser providers with one API

Our standardized API enables you to integrate Receipt Parser APIs into your system with ease by utilizing various providers on Eden AI. Here is the list (in alphabetical order):

Affinda - Available on Eden AI

Affinda's Receipt Parser API employs cutting-edge optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning algorithms to automate the extraction of key data from receipts. By accurately capturing details like merchant information, transaction amounts, dates, and itemized purchases, the API enables businesses to streamline expense tracking, accounting processes, and gain valuable insights from receipt data. Affinda's solution is designed for seamless integration into various applications, providing an efficient and user-friendly interface for managing receipt data extraction and analysis.

AWS - Available on Eden AI

AWS's Receipt Parsing API leverages advanced machine learning to intelligently parse and extract data from a wide variety of receipt formats. Designed to handle large volumes of receipt data, the API is suitable for both small-scale applications and enterprise-level systems. AWS ensures high availability, reliable access, and automatic scaling to accommodate fluctuating workloads. Additionally, AWS provides a secure environment for processing sensitive receipt data, giving businesses peace of mind.

Base64 - Available on Eden AI

Base64's Receipt Parser API utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to automate the extraction of data from paper receipts, digital receipts, and receipts with complex formatting. The API's user-friendly design allows for seamless integration into existing workflows, helping businesses save valuable time and reduce errors associated with manual data entry.

Dataleon - Available on Eden AI

Dataleon's Receipt Parser API delivers a high level of accuracy and real-time receipt management for data extraction. The API's intuitive interface enables businesses to extract data from a diverse range of receipt formats, including handwritten receipts. Dataleon's solution offers a customizable approach, allowing businesses to select the specific fields they want to extract, making it a versatile option for various industries.

Google Cloud - Available on Eden AI

Google Cloud's Receipt Parser API leverages machine learning to extract data from receipts with unparalleled accuracy, even handling handwritten receipts. The API's customizable solutions enable businesses to extract specific data fields tailored to their needs. Google Cloud's powerful image recognition technology ensures accurate data extraction, even from poorly scanned or low-quality receipts.

Klippa - Available on Eden AI

Klippa's Receipt Parser API automates numerous receipt-related business processes using advanced machine learning. It offers features such as format conversion, scan quality improvement, and the ability to convert receipt images into structured text and JSON formats using OCR. Klippa's solution also provides receipt and line item classification, streamlining data analysis, storage, and archiving. Additionally, it offers cross-validation of receipt data, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Microsoft Azure - Available on Eden AI

Azure's Receipt Parsing API, powered by the Form Recognizer receipt model, combines OCR and deep learning to intelligently analyze and extract information from a wide range of receipt formats and qualities, including printed and handwritten receipts. The API accurately captures key details like merchant name, phone number, transaction date, tax, and total, returning the data in structured JSON format for seamless integration into existing systems and workflows.

Mindee - Available on Eden AI

Mindee's Receipt Parser API represents the pinnacle of computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, delivering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in extracting data from receipts. Mindee prioritizes user experience, offering interactive UI components that transform documents into intuitive interfaces, maximizing customer satisfaction and ensuring a smooth data extraction process. Mindee's API is production-ready, enabling optimized web and mobile rendering features to be quickly integrated into any application. The API's lightning-fast inference pipeline enables real-time data extraction with ease.

TabScanner - Available on Eden AI

TabScanner's Receipt Parser offers intelligent data capture powered by an AI that understands receipt fields at human levels of intelligence. The Lightning-Fast Cloud API processes all data fields from a POS receipt in under 2 seconds, delivering highly accurate results with an impressive 98% accuracy on core data. TabScanner's technology can extract line item data from any POS receipt worldwide, regardless of language or character set. The feature set includes regional parameters, ongoing machine learning for data refinement, format configurations, and flexible subscription options for high-volume users.

Veryfi - Available on Eden AI

Veryfi's API represents the pinnacle of machine learning technology, employing state-of-the-art models to accurately recognize and extract information from receipts, significantly reducing the need for manual data entry. The highly customizable solution can be tailored to fit the specific needs of individual businesses, allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows and optimization to meet unique requirements. Veryfi's API is designed for scalability, reliability, and user-friendliness, making it a top choice for businesses looking to streamline their receipt processing workflows.

Pricing Structure for Document Processing APIs

Eden AI offers a user-friendly platform for evaluating pricing information from diverse API providers and monitoring price changes over time. As a result, keeping up-to-date with the latest pricing is crucial. The pricing chart below outlines the rates for smaller quantities for December 2023, as well as you can get discounts for potentially large volumes.‍

How can Eden AI help you?

Eden AI is the future of AI usage in companies: our app allows you to call multiple AI APIs.

Multiple AI Engines in one API - Eden AI
  • Centralized and fully monitored billing on Eden AI for Receipt Parser APIs
  • Unified API for all providers: simple and standard to use, quick switch between providers, access to the specific features of each provider
  • Standardized response format: the JSON output format is the same for all suppliers thanks to Eden AI's standardization work. The response elements are also standardized thanks to Eden AI's powerful matching algorithms.
  • The best Artificial Intelligence APIs in the market are available: big cloud providers (Google, AWS, Microsoft, and more specialized engines)
  • Data protection: Eden AI will not store or use any data. Possibility to filter to use only GDPR engines.

You can see Eden AI documentation here.

Next step in your project

The Eden AI team can help you with your Receipt Parser integration project. This can be done by :

  • Organizing a product demo and a discussion to understand your needs better. You can book a time slot on this link: Contact
  • By testing the public version of Eden AI for free: however, not all providers are available on this version. Some are only available on the Enterprise version.
  • By benefiting from the support and advice of a team of experts to find the optimal combination of providers according to the specifics of your needs
  • Having the possibility to integrate on a third-party platform: we can quickly develop connectors.

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