Why are we building an Open-Source LLM/AI API wrapper?

Why are we building an Open-Source LLM/AI API wrapper?

In the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence, seamless integration remains a central challenge for businesses and individuals. Eden AI's journey to develop a comprehensive wrapper for Language Model (LLM) and AI APIs was ignited by the urgency to address these integration hurdles.

This article uncovers the underlying motivations driving the creation of our Open-Source LLM/AI APIs wrapper and its potential to redefine AI adoption across industries.

Ever-Evolving AI Market

To begin, let’s define what an API wrapper is.

Essentially, an API wrapper simplifies the process of interacting with APIs. It provides a way to access one or multiple APIs through a particular programming language or interface, which can help streamline the process of making API calls.

In this case, we are specifically using an API wrapper to work with the various LLM/AI APIs that are currently available on the market.

The rapid evolution of the Language Model and AI APIs market is a driving force behind Eden AI's initiative. In a landscape marked by constant innovation, keeping up with the latest and most performant AI APIs is essential.

We recognize the need for an up-to-date, universal AI API wrapper that provides access to the most cutting-edge AI capabilities at any given moment. 

AI API landscape
AI API landscape in 2023

Our wrapper ensures that businesses can harness the latest advancements without the complexities of continuous integration updates.

In general, there are 4 reasons why a user may choose to switch from one provider to another: 

  • Accuracy in data processing and the quality of the response generated by AI: providers are continually evolving their models, and the choice of a good provider may change over time.
  • The price charged by the supplier: these are paid APIs, and for large volumes, it may be worth switching to a supplier offering better pricing. 
  • Processing speed: this is especially important for processing that requires near-real-time processing. 
  • Regulatory compliance: this usually concerns large companies with strict constraints in terms of data processing (server localization, use of data for model training, etc.).

Simplicity in Integration, uniting AI services

Navigating the labyrinth of AI service integration can be a daunting task. Eden AI's wrapper addresses this challenge by offering a simplified pathway.

The unique endpoint provided by our wrapper streamlines the integration of multiple AI services into applications. This translates to a single, unified interface that eliminates the need to grapple with various documentation sets.

By condensing complexities, our wrapper makes AI adoption a seamless process:

github eden ai

At its core, Eden AI's LLM/AI API wrapper bridges the gap between the complexity of AI technologies and the accessibility required for effective integration. This applies to several AI services on which many competitors are positioned.

Even though LLMs are all the rage these days, we're extending the development of our wrapper to a multitude of AI functionalities: 

Open-Source and transparency

We've also made a strong choice to open-source the wrapper, highlighting the connectors we build. Our approach aligns with that of certain AI service providers who are collaborating on their integration with Eden AI. 

This approach ensures transparency in the development of the wrapper, granting developers the opportunity to observe how we establish uniformity among various APIs at the fundamental level.

To utilize the wrapper as it is, though, you'll be required to acquire API keys from the respective vendors whose APIs are encompassed within the wrapper.

The AI landscape's dynamic nature necessitates adaptability. Eden AI's wrapper is designed to anticipate future developments, ensuring the smooth incorporation of new AI APIs. Plus, we're listening to the community, allowing us to swiftly add the providers that wrapper users are asking for.

To this end, we've launched a Discord server with a growing community of people interested in AI: 

Pioneering Monitoring Capabilities

Efficient management and oversight of AI usage and billing are pivotal for businesses. That's why we offer users the option of using our proprietary API built on top of the wrapper. This includes an advanced monitoring system that enables businesses to monitor the usage and billing of multiple AI and LLM models from various providers.

This centralized monitoring approach empowers businesses with comprehensive insights, allowing them to optimize the dynamic choice of the right AI/LLM model and manage costs effectively. 

This version also offers the possibility of using our partner accounts, so you don't have to subscribe to every single AI service provider. This speeds up development and centralizes billing for AI services. 

Even though it is the version we use to earn the income that enables us to pay our team members, we're quite comfortable with the idea of users being satisfied with the free open-source version. All we ask in return is that you contribute to the project so it benefits the whole community.  

Help us build the ultimate AI/LLM APIs wrapper

A commitment to advancing AI integration underpins Eden AI's pursuit of a Language Model and AI APIs wrapper. Fueled by the rapid evolution of the AI market, the need for simplified integration, and the imperative of efficient monitoring, our wrapper redefines the approach to AI adoption.

By offering an up-to-date, unified, and user-friendly solution, we empower businesses and individuals to tap into AI's potential with confidence, setting a new standard for innovation in the AI integration landscape.

We're counting on the community and Open-Source enthusiasts to help us develop this. If you're interested, please get in touch with our CTO Samy (samy@edenai.co), who's coordinating all this. You can also start by starring the GitHub project. 

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