Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the jungle !

Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the jungle !

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Artificial intelligence (AI for those in the know) came back very strongly these last years thanks to both a  diversification of uses and a huge number of solutions available on the market, leading to what we may call an “AI jungle”

A strong corporate development

The use of AI in companies has been rising rapidly these last years, it was  boosted by the well known Machine Learning. This approach consists in automatically establishing patterns between inputs and outputs. Machine Learning is based on three essential features :

  • The new algorithmic approaches among which “artificial neural networks”
  • A significant reduction in calculation costs for these particularly greedy algorithms due to cloud development
  • The huge amounts of data generated and stored by all digital activities (both personal and professional)

The uses of Machine Learning within companies are so numerous that some of them are now common or usual, among them : sales predictions in order to optimise sales forces and supply chain, manufacturing defects recognition on images, automation of invoice and order processing, etc.

AI: Welcome to the jungle

To respond to these needs, a race has been launched between the numerous software providers with two different approaches.
  • The first one consists in developing a strong expertise and a high performance level on a very specific use case. For example : fraud prediction in the insurance sector or scoring of candidates’ profiles  according to their resume.
  • The  second approach consists in developing more generic solutions that are  able to answer broader issues but which require a real work on transforming and treating data (Which is often the part on which data  scientists spend the most time). This approach has led to the development of numerous “data science platforms” which allow to carry out data wrangling projects by structuring flows and facilitating transformation.

Next come the learning algorithms which are able to “predict” (in the mathematical sense) a varied set of data such as objects or faces on a  picture, keywords of a text or even its translation, feelings expressed  in an audio recording or the rating of a company in a database of prospects. Eden AI: a very useful compass !

AI-Compare: a very useful compass !

Eden AI's interface
Eden AI allows to use different AI providers engines

Eden AI has been developed to help users to see more clearly in this “AI  jungle”. First this solution includes a catalogue referencing more than 700 solutions, describing their use, functionalities and price. This catalogue enables users to make direct contact with these solution providers.

Beyond this catalogue, Eden AI includes a platform (API and web interface) “standardising” the solutions of different providers positioned on the same technology (OCR, speech-to-text, predictive models, etc.).

The user can then compare the performance of these AI solutions according to his/her data or even use them directly through the Eden AI API. This offers a high degree of flexibility while making it very easy to change providers. For some technologies, Eden AI offers better performance with its “Genius” functionality that smartly combines results from several suppliers.

The future of AI in companies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently following the “natural” evolution of new technologies, i.e. a progressive appropriation by companies following the “hype” and the initial craze that may sometimes be irrational. This has to go through a better understanding of what AI is and what it can be used for in companies : a set of solutions that can meet extremely specific needs and that must be laid out like a Lego game, in particular thanks to APIs. Eden AI naturally simplifies the discovery of these bricks and the Lego construction that goes with them.

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