Deepgram Speech-to-Text engine is available on Eden AI

We are pleased to announce that Deepgram has been integrated into Eden AI platform and API.

Deepgram is a leading speech AI startup that uses end-to-end deep learning to deliver large-scale, reliable, and accurate speech recognition to enterprises.

San Francisco-based Deepgram was founded in 2015 by University of Michigan physics graduate Noah Shutty and Stephenson. Deepgram currently has more than 60 customers including Genesys, Memrise, Poly, Sharpen, and The company grew its headcount from 9 to 95 across offices in the U.S. and Philippines and processed more than 100 billion spoken words. They raised $25 million in series B funding led by Tiger Global.

This performant speech recognition engine can now be used directly on Eden AI. It provides very good performance and recognizes speech from many languages: english, spanish, korean, hindi, french, portuguese, russian and turkish.

To use Deepgram on Eden AI, you just need to access either the platform or API:

Using Deepgram with Eden AI platform

# pip install edenai

from edenai import Audio

audio_apis = Audio("your API key")

result = audio_apis.speech_to_text(


Don't hesitate to check it out on the platform or with the API.

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