How to improve your video and audio editing software with AI?

How to improve your video and audio editing software with AI?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) services are more and more used in software services. This implementation is increasingly starting to concern video editing software and companies must choose the best way to optimize this use of AI and get the most out of it.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the different AI technologies that video editing companies must upgrade to.

Automated subtitling / Speech to text

The first technologies that you would want to look into is Speech-to-Text and Automatic Subtitling. Speech-to-Text is a functionality that allows you to transcribe an audio into text without changing the meaning. It is a very useful functionality that places the machine at the center of the processus, making it a reliable and efficient tool. It can be a really helpful feature when editing a video as the sound will automatically be transcripted and the user will be able to modify it as they see fit.

Moreover, we are, now more than ever, spending more and more time on our electronic devices. Using subtitles while watching a video has become a standard in our daily media consumption. Companies use artificial intelligence softwares to effortlessly and easily put subtitles on videos, while ensuring the quality of the service. Subtitling is a tool that allows you to acquire a wider audience. Therefore, If you are a company that specializes in video and audio editing programs, you might want to upgrade your subtitling software. Instead of having one engine that generates subtitles for your users' videos, you can have several ones and choose the best transcription. This will allow you to make your users' tasks easier and increase their satisfaction by offering them the most optimal transcription for their needs.

Automated Subtitles Translation / Machine Translation

An illustration of translation

The second technology you would want to look into is automated translation. Automated translation or Machine Translation (MT) is the process of translating a text from a language to another by using an AI software. This is a feature that could help your video editing company to attract more clients who need this kind of service. The speed of translation is the biggest advantage; without any human intervention, you can provide a fast quality translation with maximum efficiency. This feature will allow creators to translate the subtitles of their videos and to modify them however they want.

Image and video analysis

Explicit content

Lastly, you can find use in adding a video and image analysis software. This is a tool that can process an image or a video in order to detect the content of the source. It can be used for explicit detection content for example. An explicit content detection engine allows you to detect Not Suitable For Work (NSFW) media content: violence, pronography, etc. The value is further compared with a defined threshold to decide whether the content is explicit or not. These engines not only differentiate between explicit/non explicit contents, but also indicate the degree of explicitness in any media content. 

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a system created to identify a person from an image or a video. It is a tool that can be very helpful in video editing, especially if you want to blur faces on an image or a video.

A woman doing facial recognition

Logo recognition

An analysis software can also easily help you detect logos in images and videos. This tool can be useful for customers who need content detection in their projects, but also need to blur a logo if needed.

Which AI engine to choose?

To implement these technologies, the easiest and most efficient way is to use ready-to-use services available on the market. They are made available in the form of APIs.

However, there are many suppliers on the market. You have access to multiple providers that each offer you the service you need, whether it is speech-to-text, image and video analysis or automated translation. These providers have performances that vary between each other. This particularly depends on your data (language, image quality, etc.).

Eden AI: Multi-vendor approach

This is where the value of a multi-vendor approach comes from. This gives you the possibility to get various solutions and therefore to propose several end results adapted to each request. This is what Eden AI allows you to do. Eden AI simplifies the use and deployment of AI technologies by providing a unique API connected to the best AI engines. With Eden AI, you can have access to multiple AI providers. This allows you to have access to different automatic subtitlings and choose the best one. With Eden AI, you can have access to speech-to-text, automated translation and content analysis functionalities which would be a great addition to your video editing software. 

Moreover, the suppliers' models are constantly evolving and Eden AI guarantees you flexibility over time.

Eden AI platform

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